Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I Promised Pictures

Bath time with the duckies.

Parker not using the tunnel to get into the tee-pee correctly.

Parker posing for the camera before realizing he is stuck.

Parker realising he is stuck.

Parker posing for the camera during naptime.

Parker figuring out how daddy parker-proofs the cabinets incorrectly.

Parker during nap time when Daddy is in charge. Listen Parker, Daddy is the boss of you. Regardless, he threw his mattress out of the bed and then his monkey too. So, who do you think is the boss here?

Parker watching his Brainy Baby video after finishing his cereal.

Get out of my way mom. I smeared my dinner all over my face. Isn't that sort of like eating it? Now, let me watch my video!

Parker trying to put his new Geox on.

Parker watching his video after having his bath and dinner.


Nana said...

Nice haircut - now you are looking
like the macho boy you have become and no longer the baby boy we said good-bye to in Italy. Being so handsome and self sufficient is bound to attract the older and more mature

We love you more each day.

Nana and Gaga

Elizabeth said...

OMigosh Parker - everytime I see you, you have changed - but especially this set of pictures. I can see more and more what you are going to look like when you are a bit older....you are getting so big!!

Love Elizabeth and Calder
(P.S. Calder can't wait for the day you'll play together!)

Uncle Mikey said...

Nice Pics Parker!!

You sure are a rule breaker!! That's okay, it keeps your mom and dad nice and busy. We keep hoping and praying that we will see you at the end of the month...we're not sure we can wait any longer. Love you tons and tons.

Uncle Mikey, Auntie Christini and Jacob.

Kari said...

Parker - you look like you are giving Mommy & Daddy a run for their money over there!! I think you are becoming a little monkey yourself!!

Keep having fun - we love seeing your happy smile!


Auntie Kari, Uncle Ryan,
Sarah & Mackenzie