Thursday, July 26, 2007

Busy Bees**

I have to say that having Nonna and Nonno here has made life a lot easier for us. Very much like it did when Nana and Gaga were here.

It has been an extremely busy week with all of the trips to the hospital we have done so far. Add to that that my wife and I have been feeling a little under the weather and are lacking our normal amounts energy has made things difficult for us to do everything we would normally do.

On Monday, Parker went to the hospital for a series of blood tests and an ultra sound of his organs. Tuesday brought more blood tests and a red blood cell transfusion to help decrease the number of toxic metabolites in Parker's blood. Wednesday, again some more blood to check for antibodies prior to beginning his first of three IgG transfusions. Today, Parker had his second transfusion of IgG and tomorrow will be his third. We are hoping that the IgG is enough to combat the antibodies in his blood causing his neutrophils to die off. If there are any other antibodies that we are unsure of yet, we hope that they too will be removed by the IgG (immunoglobulins – Gamma).

Parker's face has been clearing up very nicely over the past week. The size of the spots have yet to decrease but the deep red colour has faded dramatically. Since changing his blood pressure medication and putting a special cream on his face we have seen quite a bit of an improvement.

The last few nights Parker has been sleeping in Nonna and Nonno's room. He sleeps through the night and for that reason he is a great roommate. It has allowed my wife and I to sleep a little longer in the morning since my parents take him for a walk if he wakes up earlier then they do.

I think the little monkey has been sleeping better because all of the walk and fresh air he has been getting lately. I thought it was hard keeping up with all the walks my wife wants to go on but my mother is impossible to keep up with.

I have to say that is also nice having her here because when I don't feel like cooking she takes over. Between my mother and I everyone has definitely been eating well over here.

I am not sure when we will get some more results about Parker as our doctor is on holidays and he normally gives us any results that we need, in addition to answering all of our questions. However, when I do have some results, I will make sure to let everyone know about them.

**I have placed a note hear about today's title because I thought it warranted one. The original title was "Bust Week" but after telling my wife the title she began to laugh hysterically as she watched "The Young and the Restless". I asked her what was wrong and she replied as she normally does when she finds something very funny. Very quickly she blurted out, "You should have called it Busy Bees". I normally discard my wife's strange sense of humour but I thought I would humour her this one time.


Auntie Natalie said...

Hello My Little Busy Bee!!

It is so nice to see you having such fun with your family! You are a cutie patootie!

I hope that good news arrives sooner than soon little one. We love you very very much and I miss you each and every day! I told Uncle David today that I have an absolutely gorgeous boyfriend in Milano...and guess what Parker Poo that is you!

I love you oodles and oodles Parker Pants!

Auntie Natalie & Uncle David xoxoxoxox

Franni said...

Hi Parker!

It looks like you have been busy cooking with Nonna and enjoying some of her amazing pasta. You look so cute in the apron picture. Soon, you will be cooking for everyone since you do have two of the very best Teachers at your fingertips.
You look adorable as always! Keep up the GREAT work!!! We miss you tons!

Love, Auntie Franni, Uncle Pete, Patrick, Jonathan, and Willianm

Auntie Christini said...

Dear Parky!
I'm so glad your face is clearing up. You have such an adorable one (even with the red spots!).
I'm happy you get to have the best of both worlds...first your Nana and Gaga visited you, and now your Nonno and Nonna! You all must be eating well! ;)
I'm sure the results will be positive this week because you have so much good energy around you. Keep smiling big guy. We love you and miss you heaps and heaps!
Auntie Christini, Uncle Mikey and Jacob xoxoxoxo