Sunday, July 15, 2007

Il Pinocchio, la zanza e un infectione

I decided to write two articles in as many days because I have not been that faithful lately when it comes to updating the blog. Parker is currently down for his nap and my wife is about to go outside to catch a few rays during the next couple of hours. That gives me time to sit down at the computer to write for a bit.

I had mentioned a little while ago that Parker's stroller had broken in several places from over-use here in Italy. My parent's bought it for us before Parker was born. It is a Peg Perego which is an excellent stroller and happens to be Italian made. So, a week this past Friday I took a subway to a baby store that is also a Peg Perego representative. They were able to take the stroller and get it repaired at the factory about an hour away from Milan. To be honest, this was probably the only thing we have ever bought that we actually sent the warranty card in. The result, they repaired the stroller by replacing two main parts and it only cost me the subway ride to the store.

I picked up the stroller Friday afternoon, one week after handing it in to them. While I was there I noticed that they had alot of nice things for babies and toddlers. First, I picked up Parker a set of large Lego type blocks. He absolutely loves playing with them. Secondly, I noticed something that my Nonna had brought me back from Italy over 30 years ago. I saw a wooden Pinocchio. It was almost exactly the same as the one I had when I was a child. I had to get one for the little monkey. I was very surprised how much Parker loved the wooden boy. Parker carries him around everywhere. I actually feel sorry for his monkey because he has taken a backseat to Pinocchio since yesterday.

Now, I am sure you have noticed from the images that Parker received a few mosquito (zanza) bites last week. We are pretty sure that it happened inside the residence while he was sleeping. We did not think too much of it and felt assured that they would go away by themselves. The doctors had seen them when they were small and said to wait a few days and we should see them start to get better. That said, yesterday we woke up and noticed how bad they looked and decided to take him back to the San Raffaella to have them looked at.

Apparently, they have become infected and without an immune system Parker needs some help to rid his skin of the staph bacteria that is most likely the cause of it. Parker restarted Augmentine yesterday and we hope to see an improvement by tomorrow. The last thing we want is for the infection to get any worse than it is. Parker has such a beautiful face that we want to rid him of the penny size welts that he currently has.

Tomorrow we will go to the hospital for them to look at his infection and for them to take some blood. Let's hope that both the infection and the blood test yield some positive news.

I am sorry for not mentioning this sooner but with everything that has been going on I have been preoccupied. We are very thankful that Auntie Natalie spent last week with us here in Milan. It was a very stressful week and having her here made things a little easier for us. Parker really enjoyed playing with her and is sending a million kisses her way! It was also great for my wife to have her best friend here.


nonna said...

Hey Parker,
It makes Nonna and Nonno very sad to see what those silly zanza have done to you. I hope that the cream is making you feel better.
Praying for positive things tomorrow.

Stay strong big guy.

love you tons
miss you even more.

Nonno & Nonna

Nana said...

Hey there our special little man:

Those zanza are spiteful little creatures. You just tell them not to even try to bite you again as you have plenty of friends in high places who would be only to happy to swat them from here to the moon. Hope you feel better with your medication. Thought your Gaga was going to pass out when he saw the pictures and even said how close he was to crying. Take care and we want to hear good news from everyone this weeek.

Lucky boy, your Nonna and Nonno will be there in a few days and the fun will start all over. Maybe Nonna will make some gnocchi for you like she did for Gaga and I on Friday (yum yum).

We love you lots and lots and think of you constantly praying for the best possible outcome.

Much love,
Nana and Gaga

Elizabeth said...

Hey there Parker Darling,

I hope that your bites are feeling much better as I write this. I can only imagine how they must feel! Ouchers! You must smell awfully yummy for them to bite you, though. :)

It sounds as though you have had lots and lots of company lately - your Nana and Gaga, Auntie Natalie - and now, Nonna and Nonno! Wow! I hope you have had lots of fun so far and have even more!

Thinking of you always,
Elizbeth & Calder

P.S. Tell your Mommy I miss her!!!!!

Uncle Mikey said...

Hey Parker,

I bet you can't wait for your Nonna and Nonno to arrive later today!! I know your Nonno wishes he was there already and not high in the sky on that big bird. But you'll both get your wish soon big guy and I'm sure the next month is going to be filled with nothing but food and fun. Take care our little big man.

Love Uncle Mikey and Auntie Christini and Jacob

Auntie Natalie said...

Hello My Special Little Parker Pants!

My goodness I am missing you SOOOOOO much! It was so lovely to spend time with you last week and I will say it absolutely stole my heart!! I love you so very much!

I am so sad to see what those awful zanza did to you...I hope that it is not too itchy for you. My goodness you tell them that your Auntie Natalie is coming to get them!

I love your new toys! What fun for you! I bet that you are building lots and lots of interesting creations!

I think that your Nonno and Nonna arrive today in Milano Due to visit you...what fun you will all have!

Stay strong little one and know that you are loved VERY, VERY, much!

Auntie Natalie xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxox