Thursday, August 30, 2007

Be Nice, Parker!

I decided to take a break from my studying to write today's article. We just put Parker down for his nap, and my wife decided to take advantage of the fact that it is not raining to go to Unes to grab some milk and diapers, so I finally have some time to relax and update everyone on Parker.

We did go for blood work yesterday. Parker's neutrophils did increase by another 100 yesterday although some of his other numbers fluctuated in the other direction. We have mainly been concerned about Parker's neutrophils because that was our main concern a month a go. We did not get the rest of the results of Parker's bone marrow and peripheral blood yet but I will email our doctor today to see when we are meeting to talk about the rest of the results and what our future plans are with Parker.

We really are getting home sick and are looking forward to returning to our life in Canada. That said, we understand (some better than others) that until we know we are out of the woods and we are looking at smooth sailing, we need to stay here in Italy where the experts are.

Parker did see his friend again yesterday. He lives about one hallway away from us, so we see him and his mother every couple of days while on our way to the elevator. Parker gets so excited when he sees him and to be honest, we love watching the two of them play and interact. Yes, it is work on our part to make sure that Parker does not do anything that could get him sick but we are pretty cautious and extremely observant during there brief and controlled play times.

The two of the congregated at the area near the elevators where there is space to run around and play. Parker is three months older than his friend and definitely bulkier and slightly taller. For the most part the two of them stand beside each other and bang on the glass that separates them from the stairs below. Then Parker will run over to the fire extinguisher to make sure that it is in functioning condition. Then it is back to say hello to his friend who is only a few feet away.

Of course, it wouldn't be Parker if he did not give me a few things to laugh and write about. The first begins with his friend regularly deciding to crawl on the ground only to then stop and lie there before eventually crying. How does Parker respond? By walking over to his friend, crouching down like a catcher, and then yelling “Up!”, while extending his right arm and finger at his friend.

The other was probably a little more violent, although I am sure Parker did not mean anything by them. Who doesn't run behind someone and then with two hands give them a push so that you don't run into them? I am sure that Parker just did not want to embarrass his friend by showing him he was faster than he. A little push did the trick. Of course, we did the proper thing by telling Parker that was not nice and he should not do that. In our heads, we were thinking, way to go tough guy.

As soon as I get some more information about Parker I will be sure to update everyone. Have a great day!


Auntie Natalie said...

Good Morning Parker Pants,

I hope that you are having a good nap! Mommy told me that it is raining cats and dogs there today! My goodness I hope that you are staying dry!

Enjoy your new playmate...Have fun little one.

Happy Day,
Love Auntie Natalie xoxoxo

Nana said...

Nice to see you are playing with your new found friend but we have to remember to play in a nice way and not to hurt or bully someone younger and smaller than us.As you get more experience playing with other children, you will learn all about the way we treat our friends.

Welove you more each day.

Nana and Gaga

nonna said...

Hey Parker,

It is so nice to hear that you have made a friend to play with. I know that you really didn't mean to push him down...right? You are such a cutie and I know you are really a lover not a fighter.
We too what you guys to come home to Canada, but we want to make sure you never have to go back.

Stay strong big guy.

love you tons
miss you even more

Nonno & Nonna

Uncle Mikey said...

We like everyone else miss you and your parents sooo much and can't wait for your return. Stay stong tough guy!!! Love you tons and tons.

Uncle Mikey, Auntie Christini and Jacob

Franni said...

That is too funny!
We can't wait to know exactly when you are coming home!!
You sound like you are doing so well and will have barrels of fun with your little and big cousins when you get home.
Patrick loves to have running races, but watch out, he does not like to lose... he kind of takes after his Uncle Mikey, I think!
Have a great Sunday and we will be looking for the updates from your Daddy after his talk with Dr. Auiti!

Love Auntie Franni