Thursday, January 17, 2008

Parker's Playtime with Jett

Parker got to spend much of yesterday with his cousin Jett as Uncle Michael and Auntie Katie visited their new niece. Parker always enjoys his playtime with his cousin.

I hope when I grow up I have hair like that.

Parker posing for the camera. He is one happy little boy.

Jett, after having a big lunch. If Parker ate like him, life would be much easier during meal times.

Is it a hug or a tackle? You be the judge.

Parker got Widgets for his birthday from mommy and daddy and he loves to share.

Mommy posing with cousin Jett. Don't be jealous Parker.

Parker and Jett working on their airplane mechanic skills.

Parker and Jett discussing a plan to get the taller folk to put on the Backyardigans.

Parker showing Jett where Gaga hides him gum.


Nana said...

What wonderful pictures these are. It is so sweet how you obviously enjoy each other's company.

Our two very very handsome boys.

Love you both lots and lots.

Nana and Gaga

Auntie Natalie said...

Hello Little Parker Pants,

I am so excited today because in a few short hours I will be celebrating your 2nd birthday with you in person! What a SPECIAL day for everyone who loves you!

I love to see you having so much fun with both are cutie patooties!

Auntie Natalie