Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Golfing "Fore" Parker

There are often many obstacles thrown at us in life. Some we are able to understand quite clearly and others often take a lifetime to try and figure out. If there is one thing that I have really learned to appreciate through our journey with Parker's disease is that everyone has a story. Some share their battles and struggles openly while others share pieces because the pain is often too fresh and the heartache too painful to put into words. We have tried our best these past two years to remain as positive as possible and to make Parker's life as normal as it can be given our situation. As parents, we have made many decisions to create a lifestyle for Parker that would be safe despite what it would mean on many different levels. These decisions have consequently lead to many changes both on personal and professional levels. We have adjusted our lifestyle and routines in order to create the most conducive environment for our son and for this we will never have regrets. As many of you know and can even relate too, having a sick child has a tremendous financial impact on a family unit. One day you are both doing well in your careers and the next you are both on leaves stressing and worrying about how you can possibly financially survive such a traumatic ordeal. We have been very fortunate with the support we have received from family, friends and strangers throughout this entire process. It is an amazing feeling to know that there truly are so many generous, good hearted people who truly want to help others. We could never thank people enough for their support whether it be emotional or financial. Support on every level is what has allowed us to cope with and survive this struggle to date. I am sure people can appreciate how horrible it is to be in a position where you need to ask for help. We never imagined our life like this. Pride can often be our worst enemy because it is so difficult to open up to others about issues which are so personal and upsetting. However, sometimes we are forced to do this and as a result people are often very receptive and genuinely want to help. Family and Friends are organizing a fundraiser for Parker on Sunday June 1, 2008 called Golfing "Fore" Parker. If you are interested in buying tickets, selling tickets or helping with the event in any way then we would greatly appreciate it. We are also looking for companies to sponsor holes, donate prizes and/or auction items. If you feel that you would be able to help in this way then that too would be extremely appreciated. The information for the event is as follows and I will leave an e-mail address if anyone is able to help out in any way. We thank everyone in advance for their continued support to our family and we hope to see everyone there! (Daddy hopes to write an article for everyone soon and be sure to check the Toronto Star this week-end for another article on Parker!)

Date: Sunday June 1, 2008 with a 1pm shot gun start
Where: Four Seasons Golf Club
Price: $125 which includes 18 holes of Golf (scramble format, 4 players per team only)
Shared use of a power cart - 2 persons riding
A starter pack, including tee, ball marker, green repairer,etc.
Dinner: Served buffet style with choice of:
9oz Sirloin Steak with sauteed onions and mushrooms
1/2 BBQ Chicken or 8oz Chicken Supreme
Vegetarian Lasagna or Fish
Served with Salad, Roast Potato, Medley or Mixed Vegetable, Assortment of dinner rolls
Assortment of Dessert Cakes with Coffee or Tea

Dinner only: $55.00 per person (76 tickets only)

For more information, to buy or sell tickets or help with this event, please e-mail:


Auntie Natalie said...

Well Good Morning Little Man!

I hope that you are doing well on this cold and sunny day! Your golf tournament sounds fantastic! I can't watch everyone golfing that is as I think that I might be better at helping than golfing! Are you going to golf Parker Pants? I bet you would be very good at it!

Say hi to your Mommy and Daddy for me...I love you all oodles and oodles!

Auntie Natalie xoxox

Nana said...

I am sure that anyone reading this blog would be more than happy to help and donate whatever they can. What a wonderful event it will be and it might just really surprise you how truly generous people from all walks of life can be when push comes to shove.

We love you.

Nana and Gaga