Friday, May 11, 2007

Big Week - Next Week

It seems to me that once every other day is all that I am writing lately. I am not sure if that is going to change any in the next while. I am sure that everyone is going to want to know what is happening over the next week since Parker will have completed the actual procedure by Friday evening of next week.

Tomorrow, at 10:30 am, we take Parker to the San Rafaelle to be admitted into the isolation room of the bone marrow transplant unit. We have waited over a year for this and the time is finally here. We are of course feeling quite a few different emotions as tomorrow approaches. We met with the head nurse yesterday morning to go over with us how isolation works. There are some major differences between how isolation works here in Italy and how it works in Toronto. Regardless, we know that although it is different here it does not mean that it is any less effective. Whether we are in Toronto or in Italy, in the end it all depends on how diligent we are while with Parker. Keeping the room clean and germ free should keep him healthy.

For those of you who are curious how the upcoming week will play out, I shall explain. On Saturday and Sunday, my wife and I will spend with Parker in the room as we get used to our surroundings. Of course, we will play with Parker and keep him happy and stimulated but we will also use the time to make sure that it is as clean and sterile as possible. The hospital will of course clean our room each day but as I said we feel it is our responsibility to make sure that Parker is in an extremely sterile environment. Saturday, my wife will stay overnight and on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday I will stay with the little monkey. On Sunday, Parker will receive an IV to prepare him for his bone marrow aspiration on Monday morning. Starting on Monday at midnight, Parker will begin his chemotherapy using Busulfan. This will be administered for two days and blood will be taken on the Monday and Tuesday evening while the chemotherapy is being administered to check for the levels of the drug in the blood stream. This will be done in a regular vein and not through the central line. It is just much easier for me to do these nights at the hospital and let my wife spend the days with Parker. On Friday, Parker will be given his bone marrow cells (modified by the vector) back to him through an IV. This should take about 20 minutes. When that is finally done, it is just a waiting game. We just hope Parker continues to wear the Big "S" on his chest.

I guess all I can say is to check back here every once in a while to see if there is an updated article. I promise to keep people informed on how Parker is doing whenever I have time.


Auntie Natalie said...

Parker Pants,

Hello my little friend! I want you to know that you will be in my prayers each and every day that you spend in isolation. I hope that each day speeds by and that sooner than soon you will be out walking around your beautiful neighbourhood in Milan and then soon back to Toronto!

You and your Mommy and Daddy will give each other all of the strength that you need to come through all of this with flying colours.

You are loved so very much Parker Poo!! Catch all of the kisses that I just blew your will have to be fast because there are a million of them!

I love you,
Auntie Natalie xoxoxoxox

P.S. Uncle David sends a great big hug!

Kyle said...

Hi Parker.

We just wanted to say we love you very much and that you are in our thoughts and prayers everyday. We want to wish you and your parents all the best in the next few weeks as you go through your journey. We know you are strong and you will succeed. Take care little big guy. We'll touch base soon.

Love Kyle & Josephine.

Stacy & Brad said...

May 13/07

Trace, kevin & Parker...
Just wanna let you know that the O'Neils are thinking of you all every single day!!! You all have waited SO long to get here and it won't be long before this will all be behind you and parker will be growing up one very strong and exceptional little man!!!
Kevin - keep us all posted best you can, but we understand that times are busy and your main focus right now is your beautiful baby!!!
Trace - Happy Mothers day to you...I can't even imagine how it must be to see your little one go through the things he goes through...- you area AN AMAZING mother!!!
And, Parker...Big hugs little man - STAY STRONG!!

Love Stacy & Brad