Friday, May 25, 2007

AC Milan are European Champions

It was nine months ago when Parker watched Italy win the World Cup of soccer and we figured then it was a sign for us.

Two nights ago, Parker and I watched the finals of the European Cup between AC Milan and Liverpool. Parker wore his AC Milan uniform to show his support for his current home town. The game played on Rai Uno and daddy let the little monkey stay up with him until the game was over. To be honest, I highly doubt that I could have gotten Parker to go to bed with a TV on with people kicking a ball around on it only three feet from his bed. It was an exciting game with AC Milan coming out victorious (2-1) and Parker, daddy along with his nurse for the night were extremely happy. "Milan! Milan! Milan!", she would chant when she saw Parker in his uniform. I took many pictures of Parker with him wearing the same uniform that his favourite team was wearing that evening. I hope you enjoy them.

Today is considered day +7 and as a result Parker gave more blood than he normally does every couple of days so that they may obtain some more data pertinent to the study and Parker's health. Parker is currently on bicarbonate as it is a little low. This is apparently normal and is a result of the metabolites in his kidney. His kidneys are functioning fine; however, the metabolites have caused the bicarbonate in his body to decrease slightly. For those of you her are unsure what that means, I shall explain. Bicarbonate is alkaline; the opposite of acidic. It's main purpose is to keep the blood from becoming to acidic as it neutralizes anything that is acidic. It is a balance. So, to make sure that his blood is neither too alkaline or too acidic his blood is tested. Parker has received bicarbonate twice this week through an IV.

I know that I have mentioned it before but I want to say it one more time. The nurses in the bone marrow transplant unit at the San Rafaelle are absolutely amazing. Although not all of our nurses speak English, all of them see to be extremely caring and professional. Parker always laughs and smiles when he see any of them, even the ones that have had to poke him to obtain blood. The nurses have become accustomed to our schedule with Parker and are very flexible with us. They understand that we are very knowledgeable in regards to Parker's disease and that we have done and continue to do what is necessary to keep him healthy. They do his vitals when it is convenient for Parker and they do it in such a way that he remains happy. In the morning, before Parker and I wake up, they generally have to take blood from him. They always try to make sure not to wake me (I am a light sleeper at the hospital so I usually watch quietly from my bed). Two nurses come in at 6am with a small flash light, so that they may leave the lights off. Very quietly they attempt to pull blood from his cathedar while doing there best to not wake Parker. When they finish, they leave just as quietly, usually with a thumbs-up from me who watches very quietly. So, I just wanted to say to the nurses that we are very appreciative of everything that you have done for Parker and us while we have been in isolation.

I am sure that the results of day +7 will go very well. I will keep everyone posted.


Auntie Christini said...

Dear Parky,
Don't you look adorable in your soccer uniform! You have grown so much in the past couple of months and doing so well. We can't begin to express how proud we are of you and your parents. Thankfully, the nurses are awesome too. Keep being as happy as you are and making us feel so good at home. You are an amazing little boy.
Love and miss you lots!
Auntie Christini, Uncle Mikey & Jacob xoxoxoxo

Auntie Natalie said...

Parker Pants!

Yahoo! Way to go AC Milan! What a victory! You and your team rock Parker Poo...and my goodness you look like a superstar in your uniform!

Have a great 7+ day today little one!

Auntie Natalie xoxoxo

nonna said...

Hey Parker,

You look like we could play with the Milan team now! You would probably be the cutest one there.

Wow 7 days have gone by already, have a great day big guy.

Stay strong

love you tons
miss you more

Nonno and Nonna

Kari said...


I am sooooo happy to hear that the nurses that are taking care of you are so gentle and compassionate. That definitely makes Mommy & Daddy feel so much better knowing that they have the best nurses there to take care of you.

Happy +7 day, Parker! Stay strong!

And be sure to flash those nurses more of your beautiful smiles!!!

Love Auntie Kari

Uncle Mikey said...

Hey Parky,

I LOVE the uniform!! Esp. the pic with you facing the other way and we can see your #3...your Auntie Francini, who was quite the amazing soccer player herself, always wore #3 too. Well you sure are a good luck charm to both Italy and could everyone not fall in love with you! Maybe when you get home you could do something about the current state of our local bums, AKA Leafs and Jays. I know a cup run next season is asking way too much, but maybe the Jays in the playoffs and the Leafs the following year would be okay...don't worry about it too much for now, when you get home we'll talk. Love ya and stay strong big guy.

Love Uncle Mikey and TO sport fans!

Franni said...

Wow, I love your uniform, you look too cute!
I bet you will be a soccer player someday, a professional soccer player!! Soccer players are known for their endurance, strength and amazing talent and you already possess those qualities so it is a no brainer!
The days a flying past and soon you will be out of isolation, exploring the parks once again with your momma and daddy.
Keep smiling!
We miss you!
Love Aunite Franni, Uncle Pete, Patrick, Jonathan and William

Elizabeth said...


I am glad to hear the nurses are so nice to you and your Mommy and Daddy. :) You look so adorable in your uniform! One day maybe you'll be tearing up a soccer field, booting after a ball! (If you want to play soccer, that is!) :)

I hope you have a wonderful day!

(tell your Mom I miss her, too!)(soooo much!)

Love Elizabeth

Auntiekate said...

Hiya Parkerpants!!!

I'm back online! Hopefully my computer will cooperate this time. I loooooooooove your soccer jersey pictures! Jett said he only wants to play soccer on Parker's team. Then I of course told him, perhaps he should learn how to crawl and walk before trying soccer. We're happy to hear that you're doing so well!! You're always smiling! That's amazing, little man. You are truly an amazing kid! We miss you sooooooooo much!!

Love ya lots and lots,
Auntie Kate, Uncle Michael and Jett

ps. Give your parents a big snuggle from all of us.

Josephine DesLauriers said...


You are definitely the cutest football player around!!

It doesn't surprise me that the nurses are taking such good care of you... that beautiful smile must light up their life, each day.

Love you lots!
Josephine & Kyle