Sunday, May 06, 2007

Hungry Man

I have been neglecting the site the past few days and I apologise for that. We have spent most of the week in doors as the weather has not been so nice as of late. For six weeks we had nothing but sun and warm weather but recently all we have had is rain. So, you can imagine how happy we were to see the sun this morning.

Parker has been doing extremely well. He is much more confident in his walking, as he spends most of his time lately in the upright position moving from one toy to another. I am not exactly sure how it is going to work with Parker when he enters isolation in the next week. Now that he walks everywhere I am sure he is going to try and get out of his isolation area since it is not enclosed.

Tomorrow, we will be going to the hospital for some more tests and to remove his stitches from the central line he had placed in him a few weeks ago. We change the bandages regularly so we know that the cut is healing very nicely.

On Thursday we meet with the main doctors to go over the upcoming procedure. We have many questions about the time we will spend in isolation and look forward to beginning the actual gene therapy.

We have decided to give Parker a little hair cut later today to prepare him for isolation and his chemotherapy. We do not predict that we will lose a lot of his hair but right now it is quite long and we want to get it out of his eyes and ears. I know I will not do the job that Anna did but I will do my best. Check in tomorrow to see how it went.

We have recently let Parker feed himself lunch and dinner each day. It makes life a lot less stressful for us. He is very quiet while he feeds himself. When we try and feed him he wants to have nothing to do with it. Mister Little Independent he is. So, we figured that as long as the food he eats tastes good, he will eat the food we place in front of him. To be honest, it seems to be working. I have included a video of Parker eating dinner a couple of nights ago. It consisted of white kidney beans, fish sticks and mini pizzas. I had some difficulty uploading it, so as a result it ends a few seconds early. When I have time I will re-upload the video. The music is from the Backyardigans and the Wiggles. Two of his favourite groups.

It is weird to think that we have been in Milan for almost two months now. We have spent some time with the family from San Fransisco since they arrived a week ago. They are an extremely nice family and are here for the exact same reason we are; they want their little boy to love a normal life. Although we are not staying at the same residence we stay in touch regularly and enjoy sharing our experiences with each other.

The fluffs have once again returned. The air was free of them but once the sun came out and the rain let up they returned.

Well, Parker is sleeping now and should be up in the next hour for his walk around the Milano Due. Maybe we will let him try one of the rice balls I made earlier today. I am sure that he will have a field day with one of those.

Just wanted to let everyone know that we miss everyone back home and we think of you often. We know in our hearts that we will be home soon.

A Presto!


nonna said...

Hey Parker,

Yummy! Your food looks so good. Did you enjoy the fish and beans? I love beans with balsamic.
We went to Wonderland today with your cousins and they said they can hardly wait for you to come on the rides with them. Your cousin Patrick said to say Hi to cousin Parker and he wishes you were all better soon.

Stay strong big guy.

love you tons
miss you more.

Nonno & Nonna

Auntie Natalie said...

Good Morning Parker Pants!

I hope that you are having a wonderful day in Milan! I am so glad that you are having fun walking everywhere and feeding yourself. My goodness what a big boy you are becoming!

I wonder is it sunny or rainy there today? It is a beautiful sunny day in Toronto but guess what I have to go to the dentist today! I am feeling a little bit nervous so I thought that I would ask you for some moral support because you are ALWAYS such a Trooper! You are probably saying to yourself "Awww come on Auntie Natalie...buck up!" So I will do my best!

I love you so much little one....please tell your Mommy that it was fun whispering to her as we were both hiding out in our respective bathrooms yesterday!

Lots of love Parker Poo!

Auntie Natalie xoxoxo

Uncle Mikey said...

Hey Parker,

FYI...don't rush back to TO for the Blue Jays...they're not worth the heart ache! Are they Nonno?

We loved the new video of you eating dinner...Jacob couldn't take his eyes off you, I'm sure he misses you as much as the rest of us! Keep up the great work and keep enjoying all the yummy food.

Thinking of you all daily and missing you guys like crazy!

Love you tons and tons.
Uncle Mikey, Auntie Christini and Jacob