Friday, May 18, 2007


It was a very long wait for everyone over the past year and a bit. We prayed that we would eventually go to Italy to take part in a gene therapy trial so that Parker could one day live a healthy and normal life. When we got the call a few months ago that we would could begin to plan for a trip to Italy for mid-March we were ecstatic.

Then when March came and it was time to leave we knew that we were on our way to something very big. Now, after two months of being in Italy, Parker is finally going to receive the cells that we know are going to give him a chance at what every little boy deserves. A life. He will be able to see his cousins, aunts and uncles. He will get to grow up having friends; he will go to school. One day he will be able to go to University, graduate and get a job where he can work with other people.

Right now, we watch out for Parker. We make sure that he is never around germs and that he is always healthy. We monitor where he plays and who comes near him. We have done this for some time now, and at sixteen months, Parker does not know the difference.

Now that today is here, and Parker is finally having his cells reinfused we can know in our hearts that everything that we have had to do for Parker to keep him healthy, he will not have to do for himself. The cells will find their place in his bone marrow. They will eventually grow with an advantage over his old cells and produce other cells that contain a working ADA gene. They will go out into his blood stream, produce adenosine deaminase and as a result the cells of his immune system will be free of the toxins that previously kept them from guarding his body. Yes, this will take some time, but it will happen. Parker will live a normal life eventually and we can watch him do it.

The reinfusion of cells happens today between 2p and 3p here in Italy. For those of you who want to wish Parker good luck or just want to let him know that you are proud of him, you may do so. From now until Parker's cells are reinfused I will open up the comments for people who would like to leave a word of encouragement. Don't be alarmed if you do not see your comment appear right away, I have comment moderation turned on.

UPDATE: Parker's cells have been reinfused. The number of cells that we were already very pleased with had increased significantly. Smart Cells they are!

Thank you very much for those of you that were able to add a comment this morning. I know that my wife will be very pleased to see them as will Parker one day. For those of you who were not able to post a comment, I know that your prayers and thoughts are with Parker.

Where do we go from here? We wait for the cells to take over his body. At least another four months in Italy, but we can do it doing that Parker now has cells to help him.


Auntie Christini said...

Dearest Parky,
We can't believe this will be the last day of treatment for you. I'm sure it has been a very long and tough week for you and your parents, but you guys did so well and we're extremely proud of you.
We can't express how happy we are that you're on your way to leading a healthy, normal life.
We love you so much and we'll be thinking of you all day.
Love always,
Auntie Christini and Uncle Mikey and Jacob! xoxoxoxoxoxo

nonna said...

Hey Parker,

It's here Parker, the day we have all have been waiting for.
Parker I wish you all the best today, I know that as soon as they start putting thoses cells back in they will be like little rabbits reproducing at an amazing speed.
Did you know that you have SMART cells, your Mommy told me that they had a good memory so I told her that they were SMART CELLS.
Lets make history Parker, lets show them what DesLauriers/Kulas are made of.

Stay strong big guy.

Love you tons
miss you more

Nonno & Nonna

Auntie Natalie said...

My Sweetie Pie Parker Pants,

I woke up this morning so very excited that today is finally here. You and your Mommy and Daddy have been waiting so long for this to happen and I am so happy that it has arrived.

You are my little superhero Parker Poo...and starting today you will begin to fly on your little step at a time. I know that your body it going to work so hard and your new cells are going to do the exact job that they need to do.

I told your Daddy this morning that I cannot beleive that this day is here...but I am so happy that it is...Parker you are loved by so very many are in our are part of our lives....and we want this day and all of the days that follow to go so well for you.

Fly little one fly! I love you so very very much. You will be in my thoughts and prayers every moment today.

Love and hugs and kisses,
Auntie Natalie & Uncle David xoxox

Anonymous said...

Handsome boy,where is my handsome boy Nonno? We love you very much and you are here in our hearts and this day is the beginning of all our hopes and dreams for you and your mommy and daddy.I would say,keep strong Parker,but i dont have to, as you have already proven without a doubt that you have all the strength in character and body that you will ever need. Remember you got that strength from your mommy and daddy who themselves have shown you the way with their own strength and character.

Good luck today handsome

We love you guys very much and we wish we could be there with you but we WILL be here always for you.

Nonno and Nonna

Danielle Vincent and Paul Ganley said...

Tracey, Kevin and Parker,

I have followed this journey from the beginning and this long awaited date is finally here! I will keep you in my prayers all day and beyond, and I am going to ask for all 800 of the students and teachers to pray in our chapel today. The power of prayer and fabulous parents can do just about anything!!!

Take care,
Danielle and Paul

Franni said...


YAY! We are so happy and excited for you today!
What an exciting and enormously special day for you!!!!
We are so excited to have you in our lives the way that we always imagined you would be when you first came home from the hospital with your mommy and daddy 16 months ago.
Lots of LOVE and KISSES from US here at home.

Auntie Franni, Uncle Petee, Patrick, Jonathan and William

funnyface said...


We are so excited that today has finally arrived for you all.
It has been such a long time coming for you all.
We look forward to the day you will all be back home with us all and living a normal life.
We love you guys lots and lots and will be thinking of you all.
Sending lots of love and strength!!!!!

Laura, Craig and Elizabeth

tracefce said...

Dear Parker, Mom and Dad
What a wonderful little boy you have and a family support that is over whelming,I have been watching Parker grow and advance since the Star first ran the story last year. I show everyone I know how amazing science is and how far "we" have come. I enjoy seeing Parker everyday and my kids still wonder who the little boy is. Your strength and courage is amazing. As a parent I fully understand the trials and tribulations and the strength it takes not to run the other way sometimes. You are all very lucky people. Parker you are wonderful, your smile can brighten the darkest days. Keep it up. The world is watching and we are all inspired.
Tracy Kelly (mother of 2)

mollyseven said...

I have read your story and been checking your blog daily watching and praying for your health each day.
I am from Port Hope and we also go to sick kids with a CGD son who is awaiting gene therapy for our cure.
I hope and pray that today is YOUR day.
Only good wishes
Denise Westcott

Kari said...

Good morning Parker!!

Today is a very special day - one that everyone has been waiting for for a long time for you.

Just like all of us - those cells are just going to love you!! They will take off like lightning - just like you have with all of your discoveries!

I will be sending you lots & lots of kisses for each and every one of those new cells. We all work harder when we know that we are loed - it's no wonder you are a mini Superman - you are loved so very much by so many people.

Lots of love & zillions of kisses,

Auntie Kari, Uncle Ryan,
Sarah & Mackenzie

PS = Mackenzie says to eat lots & sleep lots - it makes you grow like "a big boy - like Tyrone" (Bakyardigans) :) :)

Winda said...

Parker, you have been in our prayers everyday since we started reading your blog, today we say a special prayer for you and your parents. I am excited for you and your parents and I am sure your smile and laughter has and will ease their anxieties, for it is that smile that brightens the day, and that smile that I look forward to seeing everytime I log on. I will continue to read and pray and can't wait for the blog that shows pictures of you playing with your cousins and showing them all the things you can do.

amelia said...

We have been following your progress since your dad started blogging and are happy to be able to add our voices to all the others wishing you every success!!!
You are an amazing little boy Parker and we all all rooting for you.

Gail Brown said...

Hi Parker,Tracy, Kevein,Linda (my dear friend) and Roy. How long you have all waited for this day and how strong you have all been, the love that you have for each other has brought you this far, and it will continue to take through until you bring Parker home to his family and friends, healthy and happy. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Parker you are the most amazing little boy. I will be thinking about you.
Regards Gail

Kyle said...

Parker, the champ.

Unbelievably strong and amazing is what you are Parker!! And your parents as well. The day is finally here. We are just so thrilled that you have come this far and are now in your last day of cell/gene therapy. As always, you are in our thoughts. Just a little bit more and you are home free!! Way to go Parker. Love ya lots and lots!!

Love, Kyle & Josephine

Anonymous said...

To Dear Little Parker and His Loving Parents,

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you "as wee monkey Parker" continues his brave journey toward a complete and healthy life! I have been following Parker's progress these many months and I know that all will be well! God Bless All of You!

Sincerely, Ralph from Guelph

Richelle said...

I've been reading your blog since it appeared in the Toronto Sun for the first time. (I then read all the posts that were previous)and have been reading it since. You and your mommy and daddy are a amazing family!. Keep showing everyone how strong you are, you really are the strongest little boy that I have ever seen! I hope that you have a quick recovery and stay strong! Your in my Prayers! GOOD LUCK!

Daniela & Kevin said...

Goodmorning Parker!

We are so glad that this day has finally arrived for you! The strength you and your parents have shown everyone is incredible. Good Luck today and we await the news that all has gone great!

Take Care,
Daniela & Kevin

Happifax said...

Parker...this is so awesome. Some day you will look back at all this and know just what an amazing person you are. The things you have gone through and done so far in your life continue to awe and impress us.

Today is no different. You, mommy, and daddy have worked so very hard to get to this point and we are all so very excited and hopeful for you.

Your beautiful smiles, wonderful demeanor, and amazing strength are neverending and such inspiration to many.

We can't wait for you to come back home so we can finally get to know you and fall in love with you all over again, in person.

Keep being strong and take good care of mommy and daddy!

Lots of love,
Doyle, Sarah, Landon, and bambino!