Monday, March 27, 2006

A Day At the Spa

Each day Parker shows everyone that he is an extremely strong and resiliant baby. With a routine finally set for Parker of sleep, play, and eat he is so much happier. We hardly expected a positive weight change from him after his bath but Parker showed us how well the routine is working by adding another 10 grams to his already chubby little body.

Speaking of bath, Parker has recentently discovered that bath time is not that big of an ordeal. It no longer entails 10 minutes of Parker belting out a high pitched cry while quivering his bottom lip. The little monkey now enjoys the process of being clean. Mommy and daddy now refer to Parker's bath time as 10 miniutes at the Spa. We have yet to decide which form of bath Parker enjoys more, a sponge bath or a full fledge dip in the tub.

With the sponge bath, Parker gets to be snuggled up in a comfy blanket as his daddy holds him. Mommy then uses the warm sterile water to wash his little body parts as the monkey looks on. If it is a full blown bath, we place the little guy in the tub filled with suds, warm sterile water and a bunch of towels and blankets so he can kick up his feet as his mommy and daddy do all the work.


FrancineElizabeth said...


That sounds like you're having
F-U-N! We know the real truth though... you are getting yourself ready for those swims at Nonno and Nonna's house. I bet you are just like your dad (and momma!)and are going to try and be the best at everything you do! Keep enjoying the water!

Talk to you tomorrow! Have another great day!

Auntie Franni

Natalie said...

Parkie Poo,

Did you know that I love to have baths too! I am so happy to hear that you had another good day - you deserve it my little man!

Give your Mommy and Daddy a hug for me!

Auntie Natalie xoxo

Uncle Mikey said...

Good Afternoon Parker,

Glad to hear your days are filled with lots of fun....keep up all the hard work during the day so you can enjoy your spa visits each night. (spash your daddy for me will ya, when he's not looking would be best)

Have a great day/night and we'll check in again tomorrow. Take care big guy!!

Love Uncle Mikey, Auntie Christine and Jacob

nana said...

Hi Precious:

Hope you had a great day today with your mommy and your nonna. Bet it was lots of fun and you were able to show off your skills for your nonna and make her smile just like you make me smile each time I see your picture on the blog and hear of your recent accomplishments. I hope I see you tomorrow.

I love you, my little man. Have a good night and remember to keep eating.


nonna said...

Hi Parker,

Thank you sooo much for a wonderful day, you are such an adorable little boy. You are even more beautiful in person with those big blues and your reddish hair. Maybe next time we are together it will be bath time and I can see how much you enjoy it.
Have a great visit with your Nana tomorrow.

love you tons

Nonna & Nonno

Natalie said...

Parker Poo,

Just one question my little Monkey. Hod did you get to be SOOOOOO cute?!?!?!?!

Have a great day little one!

Auntie Natalie xoxo

Funny Face said...

Well Parker I see your father has taken the pic's to haunt you until your first date arrives.....well good news is the whole world can see them now, bad is you will still be embarrassed by them when your first girlfriend comes by and your mom gets all gushy and wants to show the pics....Oh well that is just one small thing to endure to make her happy.

We are so glad to see the new pics of you this morning, it always makes my day!!!

Say hi to your Mom and Dad...give them a hug from us...Love you!!!

Laura, Craig and Elizabeth

Stacia said...

Good Morning Little Parker!!! looks like you sure do enjoy your spa days!!! What a little picture ham you are too!!! That's great...keep the smiles comin'...I hope you and mommy and daddy have a wonderful day today Parker!!!


coolauntiekatie said...

Hiya Peanut!!

Bathtime is so fun! When you come home we'll buy you some ducks to play with at bathtime! If you REALLY want to enjoy bathtime............splash Mommy and Daddy!! They like that! tee hee hee. Love ya lots and lots!

Auntie Kate xo
(ps. can you please tell Mommy and Daddy that they are more than welcome to sleep over tonight?? Thanks Peanut!)

Elizabeth said...

Hey little Parker! I'm glad you've realized that bath times are fun times....especially when mom and dad do all the work! Shhhh...don't tell them I said that! :)

Hugs and kisses (because you'll know I'll give you those when I meet you),

Uncle Mikey said...

Hey Parker,

I can't tell you how much I look forward to reading the daily updates about you...I've checked in a half dozen times today hoping to hear of your adventures for the day, but nothing new as of yet. Tell your daddy I understand all the effort and time he puts into this log, but your Uncle misses you more and more every hour. It's okay though, the best things come to those who wait.

Just wanted to let you know we're thinking of you and your parents. We all hope you had another amazing day.

Lots of love,
Uncle Mikey, Auntie Christine and Jacob