Saturday, March 25, 2006

Is it Play Before Eat or the Other Way Around?

Yesterday was another excellent day for Parker. He fed very well, consumed just over 600 mL and gained a full two ounces. Mommy and daddy were very pleased with the progress the little monkey made on their anniversary.

The dietitian came to visit Parker to measure and record how well he has been growing. Parker’s head circumference has grown a full two centimeters, measured 39 centimeters. His length was recorded at 19.5 inches, half an inch greater than his birth length. These measurements are meant to act as a baseline to refer to from here on in. Although Parker’s measurements were taken at birth the apparatus used here at Sick Kids is much more precise.

Parker may not be growing extremely quickly but all the doctors, nurses and staff have been commenting on how well he is doing developmentally. During his tummy time, Parker was able to lift his head even higher than Thursday. Parker’s climbing has also continued to improve. The little monkey is not a happy camper when I hold him unless I let him climb up my body. Today, his doctor commented on how immpressed she was with his head control. Parker loves his new gymni. You can see him playing with the toys while lying on his back. Something that he really gets a kick out of doing.

If there is something that daddy has learned the past couple of days, it is not to over stimulate Parker after he has eaten. Sometimes it is difficult when all daddy wants to do is play and all Parker wants to do is climb over his daddy’s stomach and look over his shoulder. The end result is usually a good vomit setting us back a 75 – 100 mL feed and daddy feeling a little down for causing it. Parker doesn't like it when daddy feels bad so daddy has learned that it is definately play before food and not the other way around.


Natalie said...

Parker Posey!!!

My little Parker Poo I am so excited to see you smile! As you can tell we are all watching your progress eagerly! Yippee! Yahoo! Parker Poo has such a beautiful smile! I bet you are making your Mommy and Daddy smile today as well and for that I am grateful!

Auntie Natalie xoxo

coolauntiekatie said...

Hiya Parker!!

I have to say I laughed out loud at the 'pouty' face!!! How can anyone resist such a face! ADORABLE! I'm so proud of you for all your eating and climbing. Keep up the good work! The stronger you get...........the sooner you'll be able to come home! We love you lots and lots.

Auntie Kate xo

Elizabeth said...

Hey little Parker!

You're getting to be not so little anymore, and I am so happy you're growing and smiling. :) You're a gorgeous little guy! (Mom and Dad have some great-looking genes there!)

I can't wait to meet you and I count the days!

Love Elizabeth

Allyson said...

Parker-you are amazing! Maybe someday you and Beck can play together! Stay strong and keep eating!
Allyson, Bruce and Beck

nonna said...

Morning Parker

Today is Sunday, morning and its a beautiful sunny day. I was looking at your pictures again, I have to say that you look just like your Dad with that pouty face. But then I see those big blues eyes of yours and I think you look just like your Mommy.
May today bring only good things and a stronger Parker.

Love you tons

Nonna & Nonno

p.s Hi handsome boy,nonno!Luv you!

Stacia said...

Oh MY PARKER!!! What a puty face!!! That is sure to get you whatever you want!!! heheh PS. I'm pretty sure you got even cuter since friday!!!