Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Great Day For Parker

Parker has taken to his new formula very well. Well enough that he actually eats more now than he did before. This morning the nurse fed Parker 120 mL his biggest feed yet. The dietician said she would be very happy if Parker had 600 mL per day. Half way through the day, Parker has taken 400 mL. Can you say little piggy?

The little monkey has continued to use all the calories he is taking to learn as much as he can. We did our first session of ‘tummy time’ today. Parker’s neck is getting very strong as he tries to lift his head to look around. Parker definitely enjoys challenging himself. He loves pushing off my hands with his legs as he tries to show off his strong muscles.

As I sat there this morning holding Parker, I noticed the corner of his mouth move up very slowly, then his mouth opened, and finally up went the other cheek. Yes it was Parker’s first real smile. Then a couple of minutes later Parker showed his mommy and daddy that it was not an accident as he did it one more time.

Quite a few accomplishments occurred today, but what was the most rewarding was that he did all of these without the need for oxygen. Parker went off of oxygen last night for five hours and has been off oxygen since 9am this morning. It is so nice to see the little monkey without a tube in his nose.

When Parker has days like these it makes life so much easier for his mommy and daddy.


Happifax said...

Dear Tracy, Kevin, and Parker,

It is so awesome to hear such wonderful news. Parker looks amazing and is bigger with every picture I see.

I just have to tell you how amazed and impressed I am at how you are dealing with all of this. Every time I have spoken with Tracy she is so positive and realistic. And days like today just support that.

Doyle, Landon and I look forward to meeting Parker some day soon.

Please let us know when and what we can do to help out.

Sarah me!

Allyson said...

Hey DesLauriers Family-

We am so thrilled that Parker had such an amazing day! What a champ!
I can not believe how alert and big Parker is getting-holy cow!
Keep fighting Parker-we are so proud of you and all support you and your mom and dad!

Allyson, Bruce and Beck!