Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Visit From Nonna and Nana

Parker has been extremely lucky the past two days as he has had two very special visitors. On Monday, Parker got to spend the day with his Nonna. He was so excited that he got to hear first hand how much his Nonna loved him and that she is passing on all her strength to him. Nonna got to watch Parker play on his back as he tried to swat at his fish, climb up her gown as he strengthened his neck muscles, but from what I heard from Parker's mommy, he enjoyed sleeping on Nonna's shoulder more than anything else. Parker is so very appreciative of his visit with his Nonna.

Today, Parker got a visit from his other Grandmother, Nana. Parker loves it when his Nana comes to visit him. He enjoys being cuddled up with her as he gazes into her eyes. Parker remembers his sleepovers with Nana before he came up to his new room. He always enjoyed knowing that it was gonig to be her that was staying over with him. Parker loved waking Nana up at night so he could get some alone time with her.

Parker has impressed the doctors so much with his energy, alertness, and positive weight gain. We have learned the integral role that we have played in Parker's successes to date. Daddy and mommy are so very appreciative of their own parents as they have been so supportive throughout this difficult time. More over, we would like to thank them for showing us how to be so loving and caring so that we may make such a positive affect in our son's life.


Natalie said...

Parker Poo,

How special that you got to spend time with both your Nana and your Nonna! They are so lucky to have been able to cuddle with you! I can't wait until we can have our own little cuddle Parker Poo! Have a great day today again with your Mommy and your Nana.

Auntie Natalie xoxo

Funny Face said...


We am so thrilled you had two wonderful days with your Nonna and Nana. You come from two very wonderful families and all of their love will make you stronger every day.

Have another great day today!

All our love...Laura, Craig and Elizabeth

P.S. I can't wait for a cuddle either!

coolauntiekatie said...

Hiya Parkie Sharks!!

Your Nonna and Nana love you so much! It's so nice that you got some snuggle time with both of them. I'm reeeeally impressed with the whole 22.1g/day thing! Very impressive!! Uncle Michael and I love you very much!!!

Keep on eatin'!!!

Auntie Kate xo

Uncle Mikey said...

Hi Parky!
It's auntie Christini using your uncle Mikey's user ID.
We miss you sooo much! You are absolutely adorable. I love all the updates (and pictures) your daddy is doing on your condition and all the times you play.
We know how strong you are, so keep up all your hard work. We love you lots.
Auntie Christini