Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Did Someone Forgot to tell Parker he is Sick?

You would never know that Parker had some major health problems. The little monkey is an absolute pig. Since coming off of his morphine from the lung biopsy a few days ago his little appetite has grown to quite a large one. We used to have a difficult time having him eat 45 mL of regular formula every 3-4 hours. The past few days, Parker has been eating formula concentrated at 3300kJ/L which has more calories then regular formula. While on this formula, Parker consumed 700 mL yesterday.

Today by 2:00pm Parker had already consumed 500 mL. The dietitian has increased his formula to 3800kJ/L in hopes that he does not want to eat so frequently and for him to gain some weight. With Parker having ADA, his metabolic rate is increased so it takes a lot of calories for Parker to gain weight. The dietitian as well as Parker's doctor is very pleased with his appetite.

When Parker is not eating he is learning. Parker crawled up my stomach today twice by pushing off my hands and grabbing my gown to pull himself up so his head is over my shoulder. He loves to be able to hold his head up over my shoulder so he can look around. Parker's muscles are extremely strong. Yesterday, he tried to roll over on to his stomach while he was being examined by the doctor.

This kid has fighter written all over him.

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Melissa said...

This is a great idea! I'm thinking about you so often that it's great to be able to check in on your blog to see what is new! I'm glad to hear that you've been eating well and are pretty active!
Take care of yourself!