Sunday, July 09, 2006

World Cup Champions!

What a great day to have some Italian blood in you, and Parker does have some of that. My wife and I went over to my parents today to watch the big game with the rest of my family. Parker stayed home with his Nanna and Grand-dad wearing his Italy shirt as we wanted to make sure to keep him germ free.

We were a little disappointed with the referee calling a penalty shot against the Italians seven minutes on a blatant dive in the box, but we had faith. The Italians came back and got one in the first half and then another in the second half. But again, a bad offside call by the linesman had the Italians even at one again with the French. We were all on pins and needles during the shoot-out as we watched the French hit the crossbar. In the end, the Italians came out victorious and for that we are happy. My parents took my 84 year-old Nonna (Parker's Nonni) to Little Italy afterwards where she sat in the back of the SUV shouting out at the other Italian fans that packed the streets. Way to go Nonna!

The Italians winning the World Cup this year is a sign to us. Parker is going to Italy for his treatment at the end of the year and we felt that this was a positive vibe for Italy.

On a non-World Cup note. Parker started making some weird sounds the last day. It sounds like a gasping for air noise, but he only does it when he is laughing or playing. Now, I honestly think it is just him experimenting with his voice, maybe trying to get attention, so I try not to stress about it. But with Parker's previous lung problems it does worry us quite a bit. Last night while he was sleeping, he didn't do it all. When he played in his Exersaucer this morning and JollyJumper yesterday he did it quite a bit. So we are not really sure what is causing it. He never looks in distress when he does it. He will even smile afterwards or finish with a laugh. We will definitely be asking someone about it when we go to the hospital on Tuesday for his blood work and ADAGEN injection.

Let's all hope that Parker's IgG level has not decreased any further than it was last week. If it has, it will mean an IV to top him up with some more Gamma immunoglobulins.

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