Monday, May 08, 2006

Seriously Though

My wife and I were talking today about Parker and we decided that Parker has developed his own personality. We have noticed that our son is a very serious little man. I am not sure if it is because he is stuck in his little room all day or he is just a very focused little boy; that said, I guess when you do not laugh very much you appear a little on the serious side. That is not to say he does not smile or laugh. He still finds his friends very amusing. His saturation monitor is also quite exciting to him. Just recently I have started tickling his feet with his rattle. He seems to enjoy that as well. I guess it is hard to know when to laugh and smile when your parents' faces are hidden behind a mask all day. That said, we know this little monkey is going to grow up with quite the sense of humour. You have to after going through all of this.

Parker received his second injection of his PEG-ADA today. Again, it was quite painful for him but the little man persevered. Some snuggles from his Nonna was enough to get him through his pain. Parker is scheduled for quite a bit of blood work tomorrow. They will be doing his regular blood counts as well as a special test to check his neutropenia. We are hoping that his neutrophils do return as a result of being on the PEG-ADA. Parker will have his Nanna and his mommy with him tomorrow during the blood work. There is the slight possibility that the neo-natal team (baby specialists) may came by over night to take his blood. I would feel terrible if that is the case; however, this team is absolutely amazing with infants. I would definately feel much better having them take his blood than the regular blood work team.

The occupational therapist came by today. Parker did not really want to have much to do with her as he was definately more interested in eating. I wonder where he gets that from? My son would rather eat then exercise. She was kind enough to leave us with a folder with pictures of him working through his exercises as well as explanations on how to help him. Now, I don't know much about what babies are suppose to be able to do at 15 weeks of age. We try and work with him on as many things as possible so that he does not lag behind. But, apparently he does need some work with his rolling over. Now, I have yet to know of another infant that can roll from their back to their front before 4 months of age but if they say Parker is behind in his rolling over I can guarentee you that he will be ahead of the class in no time at all.

Parker is looking forward to hanging out with his Nanna for the next few days. He missed seeing her last week and can't wait to have some snuggles with her.


Natalie said...

Hi There Little One,

I think that maybe you are just saving up your laughs to knock us all over later! I hope that your blood works goes well today and that having your Mommy and your Nanna there will help! I am sure that it will!

As for exercise, I am with you Parker! Eating is SO MUCH more fun!!

Auntie Natalie xoxo

Stacia said...

Hiya Parker!!!

Be Brave today (I know you always are)...
You have a good day today , ok little man!!!

Hugs xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox