Wednesday, March 14, 2007

First Full Day

It is day number two here in Milan and it went much better than yesterday. We did get some sleep last night and as a result, Parker felt much better today. Currently it is just after seven in the evening here. My wife is just putting Parker down for bed while I work on today's article.

I purchased what is referred to as 100 units of WiFi service thinking that it should be quite a bit considering it cost 100 euros. Once I got everything started I found out it was only 11 hours of online time. I am sure most of you have figured out that that is not really alot of time for the amount of money it costs. To save on time, I have decided to use a text editor to write the articles and then copy and paste them into blogger once they are complete. Then all I have to do is do a spell check and add images. I think I am going to have to ask someone with a cheaper Internet connection to edit the articles on my behalf since it just costs too much money for my wife to edit after it has been placed on the web. If someone who is good at using blogger wants to edit (I don't make too many mistakes) please let me know. Of course, you have to already be a member of the blog to do so.

I had mentioned in my last article that I was hoping to make contact with the doctor here in Italy today. He did call our room this morning at half past ten and made arrangements with me to meet with us at the San Raffaelle tomorrow at 930am. It is close to our residence and we actually took a walk by the hospital this afternoon. Parker will also receive an injection tomorrow of ADAGEN. We are very anxious to meet the doctor who is performing the study, as you can imagine.

Life here in the residence is quite nice but there is some getting used to that has yet to be completed. First, we used Parker's car seat as a high chair today. We did just receive a call from the front desk saying that we should be receiving a high chair rather shortly. Secondly, we usually have a microwave that we use to sterilize most of Parker's stuff. However, there is not one in the room. We did request one and I believe it should be arriving tomorrow. I have already mentioned the difficulty with having Parker sleep with us in our room but I must say that it went much better today. Parker took an afternoon nap, as did we, and he has already fallen asleep.

Tonight for dinner we had gnocci with mushroom and tomato sauce and italian sausage. Of course we finished the wine from yesterday and had a salad with tomoatos, olive oil and balsamic. The fresh bread was definitely nice after dipping it into the dressing. Parker had honey on bread, a piece of cheese, a couple of gnocci and a little bit of the sauce. I really think he will eat better once he has his own chair.

We did take two walks today. First walk was just to the market to purchase some milk and some other necessities. Our second was later on in the day and was much longer. Parker absolutely loves going on walks. He is not used to going outside so he spent every second looking around at all the sites. I think he favourite today were the dogs he saw. Many people were walking dogs so he got to see quite a few of them. When he is outside in his stroller we do not put the shield over him as we feel quite confident that he will not catch anything. If we take him into the market that is a different story. The shield is placed over the little guy and he spends most of the time playing with that. Pulling it down so that the top of the stroller blocks his view.

My wife made her first clothing purchase in Milan today. She realised that she left her belt at home, so she needed to get one or spend every minute pulling up her pants. I must say it does look nice.

I got quite a bit of sun today and I have quite the headache right now, so I am going to upload this article so that I don't have to continue looking at a white screen.



Stacia said...

Hi Guys!!!
SOOO Excited for you!!! And I love todays article with pics!!!
Good luck tomorrow at the meeting with the doctor...Can wait to read the next article!!
Get some rest tonight!!!

Ciao Ciao xoxoxo

PS. Kevin, let me know if you have trouble finding editing volunteers. I sit at a computer all day long and don't mind doing that for you if it will be helpful, just let me know.

Nana said...

Hi our little Parker man;

I was so suprised to see another article and what wonderful pictures.

I am sure you loved being outdoors today. You will fit right in with all the residents and tourists alike.

Hope you have a wonderful sleep and good luck with Dr. Aiuti tomorrow.

I will phone after your appointment.

We love you.

Nana and Gaga (those other people)

coolauntiekatie said...

Hiya Parkerpants!!

How are ya world-traveller??? Milan looks beautiful! (and much warmer!!) Hope you're getting settled in. I'm glad you've been able to sleep a little. Jett wanted me to send a big thank-you along to you for his Easter card, and to tell you that he's going to get you a big chocolate bunny next year!! Anyway, I hope all goes well with your meeting with Dr. Aiuti. We miss you lots and lots.

Love, Auntie Kate, Uncle Michael and Jett xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Kari said...

Hello Parker!!

It sounds like you are finally starting to settle in at your new place. I hope there are a few things for you to explore (safely my Mommy wants me to add). I wish I could go with you out on a walk there in Italy - it looks so nicce and warm. I like the picture your Daddy put on the blog today with the water. Just don't try to swim in there!!!

Have a great day & good luck at your appointment. I will keep my little fingers crossed for you!!

Love Mackenzie