Friday, March 02, 2007

Fonzy would be Proud!

We had quite the snow storm here in Toronto the past day. Actually, it is much better now but we did have a lot of snow last night and then some freezing rain to deal with this morning. We had to head down to Sick Kids this morning so that Parker could receive his ADAGEN injection and a topping up of IgG.

Of course, we park the car in the garage this time of year so that it does not take so long to heat up but wanted to make sure that we did not have to deal with shoveling this morning. To take care of the latter we did two shovelings last night during the storm. My wife has a
fascination for shoveling snow and I went after the snow had finished to deal with a few more centimeters. This morning, I went out at six to shovel the ice off the driveway. Mommy was worried that the roads were going to be terrible and that we maybe should not go. I assured her that the roads would be cleared and that my super driving would get us to the hospital.

We gave ourselves an extra an hour this morning thinking that with the weather the way it was that the roads would be packed. To be honest, the roads were great. Most people had stayed home for the day and the plows had already done a number on the roads. As well, the weather had started to warm up and any ice that had accumulated had begun to melt.

My mother decided that she would join us at the hospital today, so we made sure to pick her up. Whenever Parker has to get an infusion of IVIG (IgG through IV) we do it on 4C. We let the desk know that we are there and after signing a sheet we head down to our room to get comfortable for the morning.

I had brought a portable DVD player so that Parker could watch The Backyardigans and Brainy Baby during the infusion so we quickly set that up for him. We were just through the first five minutes when the nurse came for Parker and I to go to the IV room where they would attempt to place an IV into his hand or foot. Parker in his daddy's arms happily went through the hall, past reception to a room where there was another nurse waiting for us. She rolled out a chair for me thinking that I might be able to hold him in my arms while they attempted to obtain a vein. I quickly rolled the chair away and said that we would have to lie him down as I would hold him with the help of a second nurse.

We first attempted a vein in his right hand but after the attempt failed on the first vein they found I suggested they use his foot since they were successful with that the last time it was done. This time, the nurses switched positions. It took two of us to keep Parker still as the nurse found a suitable vein and inserted the IV. A soccer player this kid will be they said. What strong legs. All four of us were sweating by the time it was over. As quickly as Parker started to cry, the tears vanished when I picked him and let him look around.

As I walked past reception back to our room, there was an attractive woman standing by reception waiting for one of the nurses. With his hair all sweaty and his face all red from crying, Parker turned to her and with his very best and biggest Parker smile he said hello. What a player.

The rest of our trip was quite uneventful. In just under 90 minutes of having his IV inserted the IgG was administered without a hitch. Let's hope that this is the last time that Parker has to have IgG administered at Sick Kids.


Natalie said...

Hello My Little Parker Pants,

I hope that that was your last needed IV at Sick Kids. From now on you will be getting better and better! looked like you had lots and lots of snow at your house! It was a winter wonderland in Toronto! We should build a snowman together next winter Parker....that would be so much fun!

Love you lots and lots,
Auntie Natalie xoxoxox

nonna said...

Hey Parker,

Whats this I hear that you were flirting with older women. You're much too young to start that.

Just think next year you can be outside with your Mommy and Daddy putting that snow to good use. You can build the biggest snowman and make snow angels.

Not much longer big guy.

Stay stong we are going to start our count down for your return!

Love you tons.

Nonno & Nonna