Sunday, March 25, 2007

Parker Undergoes Tests Tomorrow

As always there is quite a bit to write today, especially since I did not write about Italy and Parker yesterday. However, I want to make sure that I write about our upcoming day.

See, tomorrow morning Parker has his first set of major tests. Parker will have a MRI of his brain, CT Scan of his chest, Ultra Sound of his stomach and his first bone marrow aspiration. All of these tests will be performed under a general anesthesia. In addition, while we are at the hospital, Parker will receive his ADAGEN injection. We are of course not expecting any surprises as a results of the tests. Of course his MRI and Ultra Sound should come back clean. The CT Scan should show some scarring as a result of the proteinosis and infections he had prior to his diagnosis and the bone marrow aspiration should come back showing that Parker does a very good job at producing BM CD34+ cells.

The bone marrow aspiration will be the most painful but he will be asleep for it. Adults generally stay awake for a bone marrow aspiration so it should not be too bad. We were told that the MRI should hake about 45 minutes, and the aspiration and CT SCAN should be about 10-15 minutes each. So, we are hoping that he will not have to be asleep for too long.

We will be going to the hospital for 9am (Milan time tomorrow morning) and they will most likely begin the procedures soon after. Because of the anesthesia, we will have to get up this coming morning at 3am so that Parker can have a bottle. He will have to go under on an empty stomach so he may be cranky in the morning.

Also, on Friday Parker had to undergo an ECG to check his heart function for the the anesthesiologist. He did pass it but he did struggle most of the time as he tried to play with the wires, pulling them off whenever he could. The cardiologist laughed at the reading when he saw it but said it should be okay.

I do promise to write tomorrow about how his tests went. I think we should get the results in 24 hours after taking them, so you may have to wait for that. As soon as this phase of the treatment is over, I will write about everything else that has bee going on here. However, for now, this is what I am focusing on.

Most of you would have noticed that I did post a link to last years article yesterday. I have decided that I will continue to do that each day. So, you can click here to read the article from one year ago today. It is always nice to look back.


Elizabeth said...

Good luck, Parker - with the tests that are coming up. I know that you will show those Italian Doctors what all the Doctors and family and friends already know back home here in Canada - that you are a strong, strong boy.

I'll be thinking of you (as always).

Love Elizabeth

Nana said...

Wish I could take your place but we are sure you will ome through these tests with flying colours.

You will be in our thoughts and prayers as you are every minnute of every day.

You just show everyone how very strong you are.

We love you.

Nana & Gaga

Natalie said...

Hello Mr. Monkey Pants,

I will be thinking about you all day tomorrow and praying that your tests wizz by with flying colours. I know that you will do are such a strong, amazing little Monkey!

I love the picture of you and the neighbourhood dog! I have heard how much you love it when you get to see him! What fun! Just think that this little puppy dog barks in Italian! How smart of him!

I hope that right now you are having a good sleep and getting ready for your big day tomorrow! You will be a trooper Parker Pants!

I love you oodles and oodles and bunches and bunches!

Auntie Natalie xoxoxox

coolauntiekatie said...

Hiya Parkerbear!!

Just wanted you to know that you'll be on our minds all day tomorrow. It's never fun going to the hospital. Tomorrow will be kind of a tough day for you, but it just means one step closer to coming home. You're one tough cookie-monster and we know you'll charm all the nurses and doctors and do well on all your tests. Be brave, little man!! We love you lots and lots and lots.

Auntie Kate, Uncle Michael and Jett

Franni said...

Best of Luck tomorrow. We will be thinking of you all day long.
We know that you will do amazing and you will soon be out exploring the streets in your stoller with your momma and daddy.
It looks like you met a beautiful dog on your walk today... how exciting!
Miko and Scooby were asking about you today at Nonna and Nonno's house, and I updated them with your progress over there in Italy. They said to give you a great big kiss from them.
Get some good sleep tonight so that you are rested for your big day tomorrow.
Love you!
Auntie Franni and the boys!

Allyson said...

Hey Parker, Tracey and Kevin:

We have been thinking of you so much lately but have been a tad busy with our new babe! However, not a day goes by we don't talk about how you are and what you are getting up to! You are in our thoughts for sure! Parker looks amazing and I have been so happy to catch up on all your news tonight! Parker, the post your mom wrote a few days ago was totally inspiring and I just can not believe the strength and clarity with which she wrote! You are so lucky to have such agreat parents! Really you are! Anyway-good luck with all your tests tomorrow-you are an inspiration to us all and allow us to realize what is important within each of our own lives! Youa re such a little gem!

Allyson (Bruce, Beck and Rian!)

Uncle Michael said...

You are doing so great Parker! Tomorrow is going to go perfectly and pretty soon you'll be home.
We can't wait for that day!
Until then..keep strong little guy.
We love you..
Uncle Michael and Auntie Katie

funnyface said...


First I want to wish your parent a happy 2nd anniversary! We were away this weekend so I had a lot to catch up on with your blog.

I am sure by now your test should be done or almost done and I hope you had as little pain as possible. You are a very strong little boy and it seems nothing bothers you. That just proves more and more that you are going to come through all of this with flying colors but I would expect nothing less from a

Elizabeth pick a little something special out for you this weekend so you will have to watch for it. (I will talk to your daddy about sending it to you)

Stay strong little guy and remember how much we love all three of you!

Laura, Craig and Elizabeth

nonna said...

Hey Parker,

By the time you read this message you will have been finished with your tests and hopefully smiling at everyone like you always do. I know that the tests will be very positive.
Nice doggy you met yesterday Parkie, did he want to give you a big wet kiss. I know that I can hardly wait for the day that I can smother you with Nonna kisses.
Continue staying strong big guy!

Love you tons

Nonno & Nonna

Kari said...

Hi Parker!!

I hope everything is going well over there today. I know there will be a lot hapenning, but if you get scared - just look at your Mommy & Daddy - they are so strong and will be able to give you big smiles and hugs!!

I look forward to hearing about how you most definitely wow all of the doctors as you complete all of the tests.

Love Auntie Kari