Sunday, March 11, 2007

It Is What We Have Waited For

It is a couple of hours until midnight and my wife has decided to stop organizing for tomorrow and finally take a break. Me, I have spent the last few hours getting the technical things ready for when we arrive in Milan.

To be honest, I am unsure of exactly how I feel right now. This time tomorrow we will be on a plane to Milan, Italy and our what we have waited so long for will finally have arrived. The past few days have been difficult. We have tried to see as many people as we could. I know that I have so many people I should be calling tomorrow to say good-bye to, and to thank for all of the support they have given us but I don't know where I am going to find the time. I guess this is the reason I started this blog almost a year ago today. With so many people to tell everything to, we thought it would be easier if we did it with this. With that, I want to thank everyone who has been with us throughout our dealings with this disease. My wife and I are so appreciative of everything that people have done for us to make the past 14 months a little bit easier.

I know that things are going to be difficult for us the next six months as Parker goes through his treatment in Italy. It will be difficult going back into isolation and watching Parker be run through a battery of tests but I know that there are going to be people here at home that are going to have a difficult time as well. Just tonight, Nana left our home in tears because she will not see us or her grandson that she has seen almost everyday since he came home from Sick Kid's in Toronto last June. I feel terrible for Nana along with my parents and our siblings, but as I was at my in-laws house today with my wife I saw a picture of Parker on his Gaga's (grand-dad) shoulders hanging on the wall and I told my wife that although he may do his best not to show it, I felt the worst for her father. "That's his buddy", I told her.

I am going to try one more time tomorrow to write before we leave for the airport but if I don't have time, I do promise to write as soon as I get my notebook setup on the Wi-Fi in our apartment. I will be taking a lot of pictures at the airport and once again when we get to Milan, so although I have not had many lately, there will be soon.

Please be sure to read the Toronto Star tomorrow as the little monkey is slotted for front page again. We would like to thank the Toronto Star for always doing such a great job!


nonna said...

Hey Parker,

It's here the day we have all been waiting for. I am feel sad, but I keep telling myself that NO, I must celebrate. Because you are going to be made better and that is what this is all about YOU and a normal life!
So Parker today I will celebrate the start of your journey to wellness.
Have a great and safe journey handsome boy.
My love and strength to the three of you.

Stay strong big guy!

Love you tons.


Nonno & Nonna

Auntie Christini said...

Dear Parky,
It was wonderful to get to spend some time with you on the weekend. You are one adorable little monkey and so happy too!
We are going to miss and your parents terribly when you are away, but we are happy in the fact that you will be coming home to us healthy and able to finally play with your cousins.
Be strong big guy. We miss you already. We will be thinking of you daily.
Love you!
Auntie Christini, Uncle Mikey and Jacob xoxo

Elizabeth said...

Dear Parker,

Calder and I cannot wait for your healthy return in early Fall. That's what this trip is about, isn't it? :) I know that you are going to go through what a lot of people don't experience in a whole lifetime, or even multiple lives - but you know that you are a strong boy and I know that you will keep on chugging along, doing your very very best. Help keep your Mommy and Daddy strong, too - I know this will be a tough tough time.

We all look forward to when you come back and you can finally walk with Mommy and Daddy to our house, meet our dog, and play with Calder. Those kinds of things will be the moments worth waiting for. There is so much ahead of you to experience! :)

Have a safe trip - I hope you like flying in a plane for the very first's one of my favourite things!

(and please tell your Mommy that I am going to miss her!!!!)

With love and hugs,
Elizabeth, Gary & Calder

coolauntiekatie said...

Hiya Handsome!!!

Front page of the Toronto Star?? Now that's what I call a proper send-off!!! Anyway, today is the start of a new adventure for you. Your going to a new Country to get nice and strong! Even though you'll be miles away, we're just a phonecall away, and we love you with all our hearts. Take care of your Mommy and Daddy! They are the two strongest people we know. And most importantly.......take care of yourself! Sooner than you know, you'll be back here in Canada, starting a new, stronger chapter of your young life.

Lots of love,
Auntie Kate, Uncle Michael, and Jett xoxoxox

Kyle said...

Hey Parker.

I took the subway as I normally do everyday to work and who do I see on the front page of the metro newspaper?? Yes, good lookin' Parker and parents!

Anyhow, all the best in Italy! Part Two of the journey begins today. We love you all very much. Be safe and stay strong little BIG guy!

Kyle & Josephine

Stacia said...

PArker, Kevin & Tracy!!!
Look forward to hearing all about your new (adventure?) in Italy. I wish the circumstances were better :(
I will continue to check the blog everyday for updates and pics!!!
AND more than anything will be counting with you as the days go boy and you find yourself on your way back to CANADA!!!...
Stacy, Brad and sweet pea (ETA July 24)- ish...

Nana said...

Our darling Parker, Kevin and Tracy:

The day has arrived and with it all the emotions and feelings inside. This is the beginning of the biggest journey of your life. We know you are a fighter Parker and with your parents by your side you will overcome all obstacles and return to us the healthy "little man" you always were intended to be.We love you all so very much and you will be in our thoughts, prayers and hearts every minute of every day.

All our love always,

Nana and Gaga

Kari said...

Dear Trace:

This note is just for you today, hon. Remember how when we used to work togather I always told you that everything happens for a reason?!?!? Everything that was hard in your life as you grew up, became a wonderful woman and terrific teacher... It was all just preparation until 14 months ago. This is what you have unknowingly been preparing yourself for your whole life - for Parker. You are without a doubt the most caring and giving soul I have ever had the pleasure to befriend. Someday as you watch him graduate and then someday walk you down the aisle at his own wedding - you will know that this was your life journey - to love and support this handsome little man - along with your most wonderful husband - to become a man himself.

The two of you are now beginning another chapter where you will help Parker see that it is in putting others before ourselves that we learn what life's purpose - to love and be loved - is what we are put here on Earth to do. It is my most heartfelt belief that the two of you Tracey & Kevin are the epitomy of all that I have written about here. Thank you both for the daily inspiration that you provide to all of us who continue to read and support you.

Trace - I will miss you terribly, but know that I will be thinking of you each & every day that you are in Italy. I will be sending you happy thoughts each day. Grasp them and hold onto them during the difficult times and remember that I am here for you day or night - regardless of time difference! That's the lovely thing about today's technology.

Have a safe flight. I miss you already!