Wednesday, March 28, 2007

He Hears You!

So I totally scored just now. I was sure I was putting Parker to bed just now but Mommy said I did not have to after she had already started. For that reason, here I am writing the blog while she gives Parker his bottle.

Of course, today was another busy day. Parker was in the Corriere Canaedese today, he also had his hearing and eye sight test done today. In addition, we had a great adventure in the latter half of the day.

Let me begin with with the Corriere. This is an Italian Canadian newspaper that has been following Parker's story for several months now. They had called me a few days ago wanting to do an updated story since we left Canada and arrived here in Italy. You can check out the article by doing a quick search on Parker and the corriere in Google. One of my best friends who is Italian said she read the article in Italian and said it was very good. I translated it in Italian and, although it was good, I am sure it was much better in Italian.

Now, Parker went to the San Raffaele for a hearing and sight test today. It meant he would have to have several wires attached to his head and remain very still and quiet while they measured brain activity during a sight and sound test. Parker passed the hearing test with flying colours, as he was able to hear the different frequencies without any problem; however, Parker was not so co-operative during the sight test. As they tried to flash the light in his eyes as I held his hands so he did not pull the probes from his head and my wife held his head still, he yelled and screamed. They will not able to take this test. So, for now, we do not know if Parker is faking the fact that he can see all of the little pieces of dirt on the ground that he has been attempting to pick up.

The CT Scan and MRI Scan both came back showing that he has no abnormalities in his brain or thorax (lungs). He passed both of these tests with flying colours. We are very happy to see that Parker is three for three so far. Despite that ADA gene, he appears to be a "normal", healthy little monkey. We are so happy about the results so far. As a parent, you just want to minimize any pain you can for your child and we would do anything to make things a little more bearable for our little monkey.

This afternoon was a lot of fun. My wife had decided that she really wanted to take a certain path that we had never taken before. I was a little reluctant at first due to all the potential mud we may find due to the rain, but agreed that it would be nice to see something different. Having said that, about 15 minutes into our walk, we came across a clothing and shoe outlet (Puma) and then the most amazing grocery store. I have never seen a more beautiful fish counter in my life and know that my friend David would appreciate it just as much as me. Perhaps I will show it to you one day, David! To say that Tracy was in her glory is an understatement. She was so excited to see a store which resembled that of a Loblaws superstore in Canada. It turned out to be a path that was very much well worth taking.

I think Parker enjoyed the adventure mostly because he got a shiny new soccer ball out of the whole deal. He has not figured out that it is about kicking the ball as he was much more interested in throwing it into the ground to watch it bounce back into the air.

Well, I am feeling rather tired today and will sign off for now. I promise that there will be some pictures posted tomorrow for you. Check back tomorrow when you wake up and there will be pictures waiting for you. I am sure that we will be heading back to our favourite store after Parker's injection tomorrow.

Don't forget to check out last year's article. Ciao!


Natalie said...

Parker Pants!

I am so excited about the new adventure you had today...discovering a new grocery store and passing all of your tests with flying colours! Of course you did little one...I have no doubt that your eyesight test will also be great as I have seen personally how you can find the tiniest little spot of fluff on the carpet that is a different colour. I bet that you are 20/20.

Your Uncle David will be so excited to hear about the amazing grocery store that you all discovered today! I hope that one day we can see it in person! Tell your Daddy to take pictures of the fish market to wow Uncle David in the mean time!

I love you little one!

Auntie Natalie xoxox

nonna said...

Hey Parker,

Just like Alice in Wonderland all these new paths and experiences. You know what they say "If your given lemons use them to make lemonade", and thats exactly what your parents are doing, good for them!
Parker I've watched you pick at the tiniest little speck on the floor so I know your eye sight is 20/20.
Live life to its fullest, stay strong big guy!

Love you tons

Nonno & Nonna

p.s. tell daddy I also love fish, but not Nonno especially naked shrimp.

Nana said...

Our little hawk eyes:

Is there any question as to whether you have excellent eyesight - I don't think so. You can find a speck of fluff anywhere no problem.
You put the rest of us to shame.

How wonderful that you have found a new grocery store. Now you can have a variety of stores to check out.

Your outings are becoming more and more extensive. Soon you will become the official tour guide in Milan.

Much love,
Nana and Gaga

Uncle Mikey said...

Hey Parker,

What a nice adventure...especially when it ends in food land. I'm sure you just wanted to get back outside instead of wasting your time taking an eye exam, but we all know you have perfect sight. Tell your dad that the pasta yesterday still has my mouth watering...keep the pics of the food coming. Keep up the perfect record on your next set of tests big guy and make sure to make time for some more exploring tomorrow.

Love you tons and tons,
Uncle Mikey, Auntie Christini and Jacob.

Uncle Michael said...

3 for 3! Well done!
I don't blame you for pushing away the eye probe. We know how well you can see with those big blue eyes.
Anyhow, congratulations on your great results so far. I know everything is going to work out just fine for you little man.
We can't wait until you're home.
Keep up the great spirit!
Lots of love,
Uncle Michael and Auntie Katie

Kari said...

Good morning Parker!!
(or good afternoon should I say?)

It sounds like you have had quite an adventure. I love the pictures of you with your new soccer ball! Make sure you learn lots of great moves over there and then you can come back and teach them to Mackenzie. That way the two of you can be little "soccer monsters" like on The Backyardigans!!

Stay stong, handsome!!

Love & Kisses,
Auntie Kari