Friday, March 09, 2007


So it has been a few days since I last wrote but with us leaving in the next few days you can imagine how busy we have been lately. We just returned from getting Parker's injection at Sick Kids in Toronto. We got there a little earlier today so it was not very busy in Clinic. Not that Friday is usually a very busy day since it is only for immunology patients and not allergy patients like Tuesday.

Parked weighed in at 12.155 kg (about 26 and 3/4 lbs), showing us that all that fish he has been eating has definitely paid off. Of course, after his weigh in mom held him for the last time while he got his injection of PEG-ADA at Sick Kid's for the last time. Parker and daddy are going to Sick Kid's on Monday for an injection, but mommy will be staying at home to finish things up there as we are leaving early next week. Once we get to Milan, Parker will be receiving his injections on Monday and Thursday as there will be no one t give him an injection until then. That is why we are giving him his injection on the Monday rather than the Tuesday.

Parker also gave blood for the last time before leaving for Italy. The immunology team at Sick Kids wants to obtain a little more information about Parker before we leave (EBV line), so for that reason, some blood was taken. At the same time a blood differential and CBC are also going to be performed. This way I will get to know Parker's neutrophil counts before he leaves for Italy. Recall that Parker was neutropenic before he began his PEG-ADA injections last year. His neutrophil count has been hovering around 2500 the past few months which is normal. If it drops below 1500 it describes mild neutropenia; however, I would be upset if dropped below 2000.

Lastly, we took a trip upstairs to the immunology department to visit one of the nurses. While we were there, we also saw Parker's immunologist and the chief of the immunology department. He had never seen Parker in person before so it was nice that he got to see the little monkey before hie left for Italy. It was a nice visit for everyone. Although we are going to Milan for treatment, we will always remember that Parker is a patient of the immunology team at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, first and foremost. Parker will always know who his friends are, as will we.

We are home now and are waiting for a visit from a photographer from the Toronto Star. They are doing an article on Parker for the day that we leave for Milan and want to get a couple of shots of Parker before he goes. For that reason, I better help my wife with lunch cleanup so we are ready for them when they get here.


Natalie said...

My Little Parker Pants,

Wow my little one I cannot believe that the day that you set off for your new adventure is almost upon us. I love you so very very much Parker and I will miss you more than I can say. Please give your Mommy and Daddy lots of hugs and kisses for me and ask them to give you extra ones from me as well.

I will be thinking about you as you fly for the first time. What an amazing little boy you are so strong and sweet and smart. Do you know what I think that you may be a superhero? I mean it sweetie pie....I really do....each day I marvel at your strength.

I am going to miss your Mommy so much Parker Pants. I bet that you already know how incredibly lucky you are to have such an amazing woman for your very own Mommy. Do you know what Parker? She is also the best friend and most amazing supporter that I could ever ask for. Please take care of her for me Parker Pants and tell her each day how much I love her.

I love you Parker so much. Fly safely and know you are loved.

Auntie Natalie xoxo

Stacia said...

Hey Guys!!!
Just wanna say, I hope you enjoy your weekend!!!
Safe travels next week!!!
Stacy & Brad xoxoxox

nonna said...

Hey Parker,

I am so excited, you cannot believe the feelings that I am experiencing. I can hardly wait for your return so that the three of you can start living a normal life and a new chapter of your lives.
Just think Parker, you sitting there in Milano in an outside cafe with your Mommy and Daddy, in the spring time. Which is perfect because the spring always brings a new beginning.

Stay strong big Guy.

Love you tongs

Nonno & Nonna

Barb said...

Parker, Kevin and Tracy,

Safe travels next week. This next chapter is leading you to a new happy and healthy one!

All the best to you all.


Franni said...

Hi Parker!
I cannot believe that you are almost ready to leave for Italy. Next week you will be high above the clouds, checking out the sights from your window seat, on your way to a whole new beginning.
We will miss you here, but will have you and your momma and daddy in our thoughts all of the time.
Have a restful weekend so you are at your strongest for your big adventure next week.

Lots of love and hugs.

Auntie Franni, Uncle Pete, and the Little Ones.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Parker!!

I know life must be pretty busy right now - and is still full of many adventures ahead. Stay strong - for you and for your Mommy and Daddy. You've been showing them how all along - and I can't wait to hear continued news of what's going on over in Milan!

I'll miss your Mommy, too - looks like I won't get to see her before she leaves, I know she is so busy -but please give her a big big BIG hug for me.

Sending you tons of wishes,
Love Elizabeth, Gary & Calder

Kari said...

Hello Parker!!

It looks like your new chapter is almost ready to begin. Soon you will be taking your first airplane ride to Italy where you will amaze everyone that you meet. Just wait until they see what you are capable of!!

You are so strong and brave, Parker. So many times Uncle Ryan & I have marvelled at how amazing your little family is. It is hard for me as a Mommy to even begin to comprehend all that your Mommy & Daddy have learned to accept and cope with over the past year. You come by your strength naturally, Parker. You are surrounded by it each & every single
day. Your Mommy & Daddy are superhereoes too, just like Auntie Natalie said you are. Are you all sure that your last name isn't the Incredibles?!?!? Because that is exactly what the three of you are - incredible.

When I show Mackenzie your picture & ask her if she thinks Parker is a big stong boy, she nods and says "Ess- uh-huhmm" with a big smile and points to the monitor. She is looking forward to meeting her fellow "Backyardigan" buddy as soon as you get back. She can't wait to be a "soccer monster" with you!!

We will all miss you so very much and will count the days until you return. You have a long journey ahead of you, but you have the love & support of your Mommy & Daddy to help you through each day. Tell Mommy & Daddy that they have all of our love & support her eon the blog as we post messages to you all as we read about your progress.

We are sending you lots of love & wishes for a safe journey Incredibles family!

Auntie Kari, Uncle Ryan, Sarah & Mackenzie
PS - Please tell Daddy to upload some pictures as soon as he can so that we all can see you in