Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Average Day

Today was an absolutely beautiful day here in Milan. The temperature was in the high 20s (Celsius scale) with a cool breeze to help you beat the heat. I am not sure if it gets more humid as the summer approaches but the weather has been ideal so far. I am not sure if most of you have checked but there are a couple of new videos of Parker for you to download on the right sidebar. I thought I would mention that now before I forgot to later.

We started the day as usual. Parker woke up at 5:30am and we granted his request of a bottle. At home, we would let him cry but in a hotel it is not fair to the people living on either side of us. Of course, this lets us give him a med and change his diaper at the same time. Then, it is back to bed for a couple of hours before he wakes up at 730am and he gets to watch a DVD until 8:15am when mommy and daddy decide that they are ready to get up to feed the little monkey.

Today, it was an ADAGEN injection at 11am at the hospital. We always find ourselves there for some time before Parker gets his injection. We finally made it home today just after 12. Parker then had a quick lunch and off to bed he went. We decided that we would take the little guy to the Duomo again for some sight-seeing. We had also seen a tricycle that we could push him in instead of his stroller for our walks. I have never seen them in Canada or the United States so we thought we would get it for him. I know I will spend tomorrow morning putting it together for him. Parker will have an absolute blast on it.

We got home this evening close to eight. My wife stresses at the time Parker goes to sleep at but I try to get her to understand that it is a different culture and we are under different circumstances here but I don't think I am getting through to her. She just came to bed and told me "again" that Parker has to go to bed by eight tomorrow. I respond, as I always do, "Sure."

We have met several people here in Italy. Many of them ask what Parker's name is. Of course, we tell them but they do not normally understand unless I pronounce it the way my Italian friend had told me. Pronounce every character and emphasize the r. It is funny how quickly they understand it when I say it like that.

Parker will receive his central line in just over a week. That will be an operation where they will stick a tube into his vien. The tube will be accessible from under the skin so he does not try to pull it out. From then on anytime they want to give him anything, or take anything (except bone marrow) they will just use this access point. As a result, Parker will be hospitalized for about three days. I feel terrible for the little guy, as I am sure everyone else does, but it is a necessary procedure and it will keep him from pulling the line out, as most children would try to do. The line will eventually come out. The resulting scar should be the size of the average size pinky finger.

Tomorrow, I will have more pictures than the zero I have today. So, check back then for Parker on his new tricycle.


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