Saturday, April 14, 2007

Stop Looking at Him Like That!

It was another beautiful day here in Milan. We again spent much of it walking around with Parker, as we take advantage of every second of Parker not having to be in isolation during the months of May and June. We have the date for the actual procedure now and are expecting to enter isolation during mid-May for just over a month.

We have continued with our Mediterranean diet. Pasta, risotto and salad for dinner and usually pizza or salami and cheese on fresh bread for lunch. Recall that I purchased the Riso and risotti Italian version of La Cucina Italiana when we first arrived in Milan. Although I do not completely understand the dialogue that goes with the images and recipe but I am able to get the idea of the recipe. With the ingredients I have to work with I am at an advantage. Last night we had assorted mushroom (funghi misti) and celery (sedano) with prociutto crudo (raw ham). In Italy, you can purchase a package of vegetable at the supermarket that is meant for making a broth (brodo vegetale). I have never made my own vegetable broth before as I usually purchase the store bought chicken broth. I must say it is easy to do and makes the world of difference.

We decided to take a trip to Auchan today. Auchan is similar to a Super Walmart. It took a bus ride and a subway to get there but we survived very well thank you. We were told to get off at the Vimodrone station and we could walk from there. We misguided a little as the next stop was very close to Auchan. The way back was much easier as we went to the closer metro station. The only big problem was the copius amount of stairs we had to climb at the station. Most of the stairs were at the station to close to Auchan. It seemed much easier if I just picked up Parker's stroller and carried it up and down the stairs instead of having my wife help me. Parker seemed to like it.

One of my pet peeves about taking Parker through busy areas is having to explain to people (in Italian) why he is under the shield. I wish I could just hold a sign as I walked with Parker as many people look at us, probably thinking we are terrible parents for keeping Parker under a plastic shield when it is so nice out. I am not sure how it sounds but I think I am getting better at explaining the shield over Parker:

Siamo della Canada. Il Bambino male. Lui no sistema immunatario. Quando molto persona noi protegerre lui con la scudo di plastica. A Italia per cura sperimentale. Casa a la residenza per sei mesa.

Tomorrow the stores are closed because it is Sunday so we made sure to get everything we needed to cook dinner today. We had the most amazing rice balls here in Milano 2. They are different than the ones my mother makes at home (hers are great too) but here they use a saffron risotto as the rice base. The middle can be an assortment of different things. We have tried the cheese ones in addition to the meat, peas and cheese balls. I have purchased all of the ingredients so that I can make them tomorrow. I promise to take images of the process and final product for the next blog. I am really looking forward to tasting them. My magazine has the basic recipe for the rice balls. So between that and the ones I have eaten I am pretty much good to go.

I just wanted to let everyone know back home that we miss you all very much. We cannot wait for the procedure to be over and Parker's numbers to rise to a level so that we may finally come home and spend time with everyone. I am sure that anyone who has ever been away from their loved ones for an extended period of time can attest that you really miss your family friends.

For the people in North America, Buon Pomeriggio.


nonna said...

Hey Parker,

Was that your glass of beer I saw in the picture? That's exactly what I would like to do if I was there, sit at a cafe with a cold one and people watch.
Parker, people are looking at you because you are so handsome with your beautiful blond hair and blue eyes.
Tell your Daddy that when he comes back he will have to make me some of his rice balls they sound yummy.
Enjoy your adventures and wonderful weather.

Stay strong big guy!

Love you tons
miss you more

Nonno & Nonna

Auntie Natalie said...

Hello Mr. Parker Pants,

It was so nice seeing the picture of you and your Mommy enjoying a bevy on a beautiful patio....ahhh the wonder of spring when it is warm and beautiful...

Tell your Daddy that I am sure that he is doing a great job explaining all about you to people. Maybe a little sign is a good idea. People could read it before they came to close. I bet that your Nonno and Nonna are right though...people cannot stop looking because you are such a little bello!

I bet that it is nap-time for you right now and I cannot help wondering what new adventures that you had and will have today. So much to much to see!

I love you little one. Sweet dreams and happy adventures!

Auntie Natalie