Saturday, April 07, 2007

Buona Pasqua

It has been a few days since I last have written. We have been quite busy here and the free time that we have had we try to spend it on walks with Parker.

Parker did have some more tests recently, and as usual they went well. On Thursday, he had an IgG infusion, similar to what he would have at Sick Kids. It took a little bit longer but Parker was very cooperative as soon as the IV was securely fastened.

We decided on Wednesday that it would be a good idea to take Parker to the City Center, where the Duomo is located. It was absolutely beautiful there. Much different than any North American city with Italy's rich history. We walked for a couple of hours as we took in as many sights as possible. We even decided to give McDonalds a try. We have been on a strict meditarian diet since arriving in Milan so we thought we would check out what an Italian McDonalds was like. My wife had her regular cheese burgers and fries and I tried the "McTasty". I had never heard of this burger before so I assumed that it was a Europian thing. The patty was larger than a "quarter pounder" patty and it had tomoatoes and a special sauce or maybe it was cheese, could not tell. How was it? Well, I don't know how it got the name the "McTasty" because to be honest, it tasted more like the "McNasty". Regardless, at least I treid something different.

While downtown I found a store that was similar to a BestBuy that sold cable converters. I wanted to plug my portable DVD player in the television here so Parker could watch his BrainyBaby and Backyardigans videos on a larger screen. I finally got the sound and video to work on the screen; however, it only displays in black and white. I did try several configurations so I am thinking it may be the actual converter. So, I will see if I can exchange it for a new one and see if it works in colour. Otherwise, we will use the laptop as it has a larger screen.

Today is absolutely beautiful here in Milan. It is nice and warm but I don't find it nearly as humid as back home. Who knows if the summer will bring more humid weather.

Parker is finally down for his nap. When he gets up in a couple of hours we will definitely head back outside.

On a more exciting note. Parker has recently been able to get into a standing position without assistance from furniture of another person. It was funny because he did it for the first time a couple of days ago and since then does it over and over. Of course when he first did it we clapped to let him know how happy we were. Now, every time he stands up he starts to clap. The little monkey is such a showboat.

It is Easter here this weekend as it is back home. Here the tradition is a little bit different. First, it is called Pasqua. Second, people still work on the Friday and only get the Monday and Sunday (as always) off. There is no Easter bunny. They give large chocolate eggs with gifts inside them for Pasqua. Think of large fancy Kinder surprises made by Lindt. The really nice onces are displayed in the shop windows and go for about 50 Euros, 75 CDN dollars. When we go out later, we will have to get something Parker from the Easter bunny. I explained the our tradition to the two receptionists in the hematology unit. They thought it was a very nice tradition.

I am not sure if I will be writing tomorrow. But if I don't, Buona Pasqua and let's all hope that the Leafs beat Montreal tonight in regulation and that the Islanders lose this afternoon. I am pretty sure that my Uncle Benny could not ask for a better gift for Pasqua.

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coolauntiekatie said...

Hiya Parkerbear!

Wow, Italy looks beautiful!! First of all, Jett wanted to give you a big HAPPY EASTER email! He told me to tell you that next year he's going to get you the biggest bunny he can find. At first he wanted the Easter Bunny to bring him a chocolate duck, but after Auntie Tracy's duck incident (tee hee hee......sorry.), he's off ducks and back to bunnies. Good job with the standing thing! Hope all your tests go well. We miss you guys. Hope you have a nice Easter tomorrow.

Love ya lots and lots!!


Auntie Katie, Uncle Michael and Jett xoxoxoxo

Nana said...

Hello little man:

Love the pictures of Milan. You must have such a fantastic time seeing all the different and new things. Hope you have a great Easter or as you people would bay "buona Pasqua". We will be thinking of you as we enjoy our dinner with Auntie Kate, Uncle Michael, your cousin Jett at Aunt Jan and Uncle Al's home.

Stay away from the ducks - not too close now. Perhaps they were thinking that mommy was eyeing them as potential Easter fare.


Love you so much.

Nana and Gaga (those people)xoxo

Elizabeth said...

Hi Parker!

I just wanted to say Happy Easter to you! I hope the Easter Bunny brings you something nice! I am not allowed chocolate yet, but I am hoping next year!

My mommy wishes you and your daddy a Happy Easter, too! :)


Natalie said...

Happy Easter Parker Pants!

I hope that you and your Mommy and Daddy had a very special Easter together! I bet that you went for another lovely walk today. You must be experiencing so many things. Milano looked beautiful...I remember some of those locations from last year!

Here is some good news...The Leafs won last night...beating Montreal 6 to 5.....It was a nail-biter!!! So the Leafs have done their New York needs to lose today to New Jersey and the Leafs will be in the play offs. Keep you fingers crossed little one...I know that you will bring the Leafs all the support that they need!

Happy Easter Monkey Pants!!!!
Auntie Natalie xoxoxo