Monday, June 18, 2007

Better Day

Today was a much better day than the past few we have experienced. It is not easy living in an isolation room for 36 days so of course you are going to have some days that are worse than others and some of the experiences are not going to be positive. With that said, we are ready to look forward and focus on how well Parker is currently doing.

This morning it was decided that they would extract blood from a peripheral instead of trying to insert a needle into Parker's cathedar. Parker is not recieving an IV today or tomorrow so there really was no reason to poke him in his chest. Parker's results came back today and I am very glad to report that his neutrophils are exactly where I expected them to be on this day. They are well over 1000 and with that we are expecting to go home on Wednesday afternoon as long as his neutrophils come back over 1000 on Wednesday.

We asked if Parker would receive an infusion of IgG before being allowed to go home and after checking that the last time he had IgG was on day +8 and today is day +31 it was decided that he would most likely receive an infusion of IgG on Wednesday morning after they take blood from his cathedar. Of course, this can all change but to be honest, I would highly doubt that it would.

As a precaution, we are having our residence room cleaned from top to bottom and the carpets cleaned and shampooed prior to Parker's arrival back to our room.

There are definitely quite a few nurses that we are going to miss once we leave as we have made some wonderful friends while being in the bone marrow unit. However, we will continue to go to the hospital once a week for three months and I am sure that we will make sure that we stay in touch with them. We are extremely pleased with the treatment we have received at the San Rafaelle. They medical team there is among the best in the world and have always been willing to accommodate us by answering any questions that we have had about Parker's treatment.


nonna said...

Hooray, Hooray for Parker!
You are such a great little boy and your smart cells are doing exactly what they should be doing.
We can't express how happy we are.
I am sorry for all the hard days you, your Daddy, Mommy,Gaga and Nana have gone through. I hope there are only happy days left in Milano.

Stay strong Big Guy!

love you tons
miss you even more

Nonno & Nonna

Auntie Natalie said...

Parker Pants,

Yippe, Yeah, Hooray! I am so happy that you get to go home on Wednesday! What a relief that will be for you and your Mommy and Daddy! I know that this also means you are one step closer to coming home to everyone who loves you in Canada! YAAAAAAHHHHOOOOOOOO!

I love you oodles and oodles Parker Poo!

Auntie Natalie xoxoxoxoxox

Uncle Mikey said...

Hey Parker,

Great news!! We are so excited that you get to leave the hospital on Wednesday and Mommy and Daddy can both get some well deserved rest. Keep up the great're half way to returning home to all your friends and family that miss you sooooo much!! Take care Parky.

love you tons and tons
Uncle Mikey, Auntie Christini and Jacob

Franni said...

Wonderful news!
Yay! Yipeee! Hurray!
We are so happy that everything has gone as well as you we all hoped they would!
We can't wait to have you home here in T.O!
Not much longer!
Love you!
Auntie Franni, Uncle Pete, and the little BOYS!

Franni said...

It's me Uncle Pete.
I'm glad there is better news today. Can't wait for you to come home and play street hockey with my boys.
I enjoyed your video of you in the crib.
Love You.
Uncle Pete