Saturday, June 02, 2007

Put Your Mask on First

It is a holiday here in Italy. One of the many. I am unsure of what holiday it is because things have been so hectic.

Parker is currently at the hospital with his mom and Nana and Gaga will be going there later this afternoon to take over for a while. Me, I will be taking a break from the hospital for a couple of days.

I have repeatedly told my wife that throughout everything that is going that she always must take care of herself first. That she is useless to Parker if she doesn't. I always say to her, "Who's mask goes on first?" For those of you who are familiar to air travel you will probably recollect the instruction to passengers who are traveling with children. In the case of an emergency and passengers are required to wear oxygen mask, they always instruct you to put your own oxygen mask on before your child's. The reason? If you pass out because you don't have your mask on then you are unable to put your children's masks on.

The reason I mention this is because I have not taken my own advice. Recently, my blood pressure has been high and as a result Parker's doctor requested that I see a cardiologist. I will not get into the nitty gritty of it but I did go yesterday. No worries, I am going to be fine. It was nothing too major that I cannot fix with some changes to my diet and some rest.

I have decided to take my own advice as it is important for me to stay strong for not only Parker but also my wife. It is not fair to her to have to worry about her child and her husband being ill.

As for Parker, he is doing extremely well. His blood has not come back yet today but I am pretty such it will reveal that he is severely neutropenic as he needs to be for the greatest recovery.


nonna said...

Hey Parker,

You tell your Daddy that we are all worried about him. I hope that he is going to start taking care of himself and that he will continue doing so. We love him very much and worry about him.
So if you see that he is not doing what he should be doing, you can send him to the naughty corner right away.
Nice picutres Parker it always gives me the warm fuzzy feeling to see your pics.

love you tons
miss you more

Nonno & Nonna

Auntie Natalie said...

Parker Pants,

Hello my little cutie pie! My goodness you have another big job to do for have to thank your Daddy for taking care of himself over these next few days. What a very important job that he is doing. I bet that you have already told him so yourself!

I hope that you are enjoying your time with your Mommy and your Nana and Gaga...It looks like you are having a happy time!

I wonder if it is still raining in Milano...I think that you sent Toronto the weather that you were having in is hot, hot, hot here!

I cannot wait to hear about your wonderful numbers! Day +15! Yahoo!

Lots and lots of love little one,
Auntie Natalie xoxoxoxoxo