Saturday, June 16, 2007

Difficult Days

I am at home right now, so I thought I would take some time to update the blog. Life at the hospital has been more difficult lately than normal. I have been ill lately so my wife has been doing most of the work with the help of Nana and Gaga.

I know that I normally try and focus on the positive when I write my articles but the last few days have been very difficult. We have now been in isolation for 35 days and although that is nothing compared to what we have done before it has definitely taken its toll on us. Me? I guess the stress of it all has caused me to be stuck at the hotel with a box of tissues and chicken soup that I made from scratch yesterday. My wife? Well, she is emotional during the easiest of times and when things or people are less than fair to her it makes it that much harder. I am not going to be specific with my complaints but I do want to be able to look back and remember when things got difficult for us and this is just enough to jolt our memories years from now.

Parker's bone marrow aspirate on his right leg is starting to look much better. Although the left hip looked great when they were done, there was some difficulty with extracting the marrow from the right hip and as a result there was some bleeding afterwards that I had recently mentioned. Now, the bruising that is left is starting to diminish and as a result we feel much better about it.

Parker's blood results that came in yesterday were not as great as I had predicted. I was hoping that his neutrophils would have been greater than 1000 but they remained unchanged at 800. Regardless, I am pretty sure that on Monday when they do blood they should be at least 1000. As for his platelets? They are in the normal range now and will fluctuate throughout that range.

Lastly, after three attempts to change Parker needle in his cathedar they decided to take our advice and leave it out until it is needed next. As a result, they will try and reinsert the needle into the cathedar once they need blood on Monday. Currently, Parker is getting bicarbonate orally and the antibiotic which he was receiving everyday through an IV has been changed to one that can also be administered orally. I sure am glad that Parker has gotten much better at taking his oral medications since he gets more than my Gran-Nana did when she was over 90 years old.

Check back on Monday to see if things are getting any better. I am sure they will.


Auntie Natalie said...

Parker Pants,

I am so sorry to hear that the days of late are have gone through so very much and I only want things to keep getting better and better. Your Mommy and Daddy have also gone through so much and I wish that I could be there right now to give you all a hug and help in any way that I could to make things even a little bit easier. Tell your Mommy and Daddy that I will always be in their court.

I hope that your leg is feeling better little one and that you are comfy cozy getting ready for bed. Tell your Daddy that I wish for him a speedy recovery.

And please tell your parents that I love them and you very very much.

Lots of love Parker Pants,
Auntie Natalie xoxoxoxoxo

nonna said...

Hey Parker

I am so sorry to hear that things are so difficult lately. I know this doesn't make it better but I wish you were out of there and Mommy and Daddy could start having a normal life.
It is hard when you are so far away and you feel like you have be
deserted but we are all praying and thinking of you every minute of the day.

I hope that you are feeling better and Daddy also, so that he can come to the hospital and help Mommy.

Stay strong big guy

Love you tons
miss you more

Nonno & Nonna

Stacy & Brad said...

I'm sorry you guys are having a difficult time right now...and I sure hope things start to get easier as the time passes and PArkers treatment finally nears an end!!! You have such an amazingly strong little boy there which I'm sure he gets from the both of you.
BIG HUGS sent to you all from Ottawa OK.
Love Stacy xoxoxox

Franni said...

Happy Father's Day Kev!
Parker it is your Daddy's special day today and I know he is so proud of you! You have made your daddy so happy and what a great daddy he is!
Have a good day together!
Love Aunite Franni and the BOYS!

Elizabeth said...

Parker and family,

This is certainly a trying time in your life - and getting through it all I am sure must be hard - I can't even begin to imagine. I only hope that you all find the strength in each other and family and friends to get through it, day by day. That is my wish for you.


Elizabeth, Gary & Calder