Sunday, June 10, 2007

More Images...

Parker trying to grab the camera from daddy. Do you know that the word camera in Italian means room?

Parker carrying his puzzle board over to daddy for a reason I am unsure of. He is strong though and has fingertips like Spiderman.

Mommy feeding the monkey. I cannot wait until we get back to the hotel with Parker and we do not have to bribe him with TV to eat. He wants to feed himself and will have nothing to do with the food if we try and feed him. The result? The Backyardigans.

When Parker is not putting his puzzle pieces into the puzzle or throwing out of the crib, he likes to move them from one side of him to the other. He is currently moving them to the left side of him.

It is suppose to be nap time but I guess I forgot to give Parker the memo. Apparently he was under the impression that it was hide behind the pillow and peek over it time. It must have been my fault.

Remember that nice sorted pile of puzzle pieces? Remember?


Auntie Natalie said...

Hello My Little Parker Pants!

Oh my goodness...I just love the picture days! You are such a little sweetie monkey pants! I am so happy to see you always laughing and having such a good time! Pee-a-boo looks like a lot of fun! I hope that I can play it with you when I come for my visit!

I hope that the sun is shining in Milano is a beautiful, sunny day in Toronto...I wonder if that means that is is sunny all over the world...hmmmmmmm.....

Lots and lots and lots of love little one,
Auntie Natalie xoxoxoxoxoxox

Auntie Christini said...

Dearest Parky!
You are adorable! Thank daddy for all the new pics of you. I am constantly amazed at how quickly you adapt to your environment! You are half way there big guy! You are doing so well and we're soooo proud of you and your parents. We miss you guys too...a whole heap!
Anyway, please ask daddy to keep posting pics of you. We love them.
Take care and good luck with the test results.
Love you,
Auntie Christini and Uncle Mikey xo

nonna said...

Hey Parker,

Boy did I miss you! Our computer at Nonno's house is broken so we couldn't read about you or see any of your pictures. You look so cute. I cann't wait to be able to hug and kiss you tons.
Give your Mama and Daddy kiss from us.

Love you tons
miss you more

Nonno & Nonna

Kari said...

Parker -

It is soooo good to see you so happy over there in your room at the hospital. It must get boring for you always being in the same place right now, but you definitely seem to be livening things up quite a bit!! Tell Mommy to sing you some tidy-up time songs so you can tidy up all of those puzzle pieces for her & Daddy.

Auntie Kari