Saturday, April 15, 2006

Even Gifted Kids Take a Break Once In a While

Everyone pretty much knows that I have my wife playing with Parker as much as she can while I am away from the hospital with this cold. Regularly, pictures are taken to show me what they have done recently. Parker has shown us all that he is a very strong and intelligent little boy. He has no problem raising his head up during 'tummy time' to scope around his room. Today, Parker showed us that if you are going to work hard, then you must take a break once in a while. The little monkey realised that if you put your hands under your chin, you can rest your head on them.

There was an article on the front page of the Peterborough Examiner this morning about Parker's battle with ADA. It was a wonderful article and I would like to thank the people at the Examiner for writing it. I also spoke with 980 Kruz yesterday, as they have also decided to let the people of Peterborough know about Parker. I have to say that the Peterborough area is full of very caring people, and it is so nice how they group together as a community to help others. My wife grew up in the Peterborough area and her parents have resided there for some time now.

Again, I want to thank everyone who comes to this site to learn about Severe Combined Immunodefiency and our family's dealings with it. I know that we are definately moving in the right direction with gene therapy. Although it currently looks like a cure to children who are adenosine deaminase deficient, the work done by these pioneers are going to be extremely important as we move toward a cure for diseases that affect a greater percent of the population like AIDs.


Stacia said...

HAPPY EASTER PARKER!!!! How is it possible that you are even cuter than you were on Friday!!! I hope you and mommy are having a great time together this weekend...I can see how strong you are getting!!! I also hope that your daddy feels MUCH better soon!!!
I look forward to checking in on your progress this week coming!!!
Take Care Parker...I'm thinking about how strong and courageous you and mommy and daddy are every single day. You are very inspiring!!!
Love Stacy xoxoxoxoxox

nonna said...

Hey Parker,

Happy Easter Big Guy, I wish you were here to get your Easter basket that the Easter Bunny left you, but thats O.K., next year!
Look at those rolls, you are 'THE CHUNKY MONKEY"! Pretty soon you won't fit in that container anymore.
Have a great day with your Mommy today and rest up cause I think your playmate{Daddy} is coming back soon, and you know what that means.

Love you tons!

Nonno, Nonna, Papa & Nonnie

Luv you handsome boy Nonno!

Allyson said...

Happy Easter Parker-hope you enjoy your day and just think-this time next year you will be up to your ears in chocolate candy! Yummy! HUGS to your Mom for me! Allyson