Saturday, April 22, 2006

Final Round Starts Today

The final round for the baby photo contest began this morning. So many of you voted for Parker in his previous round that he was able to make it to the finals. Parker needs your votes in this final round so please click on this link and vote for the little monkey. I know I don't normally start my articles with a request like this but we are so close and if we can get everyone who visits this site to vote each day we know Parker is a shoe-in for the cutest baby for April on BabiesOnline.

I had mentioned a couple of days ago that Parker had lost his massive appetite but it seems as if it was only temporary, as we had thought. Yesterday, Parker was back to his normal self and was able to throw back close to 700 mL again.

With the good comes the bad. We noticed a few days ago that Parker was getting a pretty bad diaper rash. We are pretty sure that it was a result of the Pentamadine, an antibiotic he gets (every two weeks - IV) as a precaution to fight PCP Pneumonia. We noticed the last time he had to take antibiotics he also go a bad diaper rash. But ,we know that mommy will help him take care of it. She does an amazing job each day taking care of her little baby's skin. As she says, "No SCID of mine is going to have bad skin". Recall, that many SCIDs have problems with their skin due to infection. He may not enjoy getting moisturizer on his body each day but I have to admit, I do admire his perfect complexion.

Yesterday, I wrote acouple of messages on Today's Parent as well as a few other discussion boards telling people about Parker's condition. My wife and I feel that Parker was given this disease for a reason. Not very many people know what Severe Combined Immunodeficiency is, and we want that to change. It is expected that many infants go undiagnosed each year and succumb to this disease before they are 2 years old. This does not have to be the case. So please get the word out about SCID. Let people know about this web page so that they may learn more about it. We know that Parker is going to be part of the solution via gene therapy and the more people that know about the disease and gene therapy the better. I want to thank everyone who visited yesterday for the first time. Please know that by informing others about this site you are helping others parents learn about the disease. If we can help just one more mother or father get their infant diagnosed early enough so they can get treatment before it is too late then that is one more family that will not have to feel the grief of losing their baby.

So please come back regularly to be a part of the fight against Severe Combined Immunodeficiencies and watch Parker as he beats this horrible disease.


Uncle Michael said...

Hi Parker, Uncle Michael here.
I want you to know that I voted for you today in the cutest baby contest.
If you remember, the original arrangement was that you would pay me $1.00 per vote or $10.00 for 20. Well, today was number 20, bringing us to the issue of....payment.
As we discussed, after your winnings of $50.00 we will deduct my...."fee" and all will be settled.
Now, if, and only if, you decide not to pay, I want you to understand the consequences. That's when Big Tony comes into play. Please Parker, don't make me turn to Big Tony to settle the score. You know what happened after your bet on the horse
"screamin' baby" went sour. Lucky I covered for you then. And what about when you stiffed the nurse after she gave you the bottle that night. It almost got ugly.
So, let's play it cool and we can both walk out of this ahead.
It's good to see you're getting stronger every day. Keep going. When you get out of the joint we've got a lot of great adventures ahead.
Until then, know I'm thinking about you always.
And that I put $30.00 on "Tiny Toddler" in the 5th.
Good luck.

Uncle Michael

nana said...

Well I've got to say that your Uncle Michael gets funnier by the day.
I of course voted for you too (no strings attached)and there is absolutely no doubt that you are the cutest baby and Nana's little man.
Keep up those excellent eating skills. How adorable you look in your dapper outfit. I look forward to seeing you again on Tuesday.

Love always,

Nana and Grandad xoxoxo

Natalie said...

Well Mr. Parker Posey,

It is so good to see you looking so good my beautiful boy! I can't wait to give you a great big hug in person!

It is still raining outside today but I am glad to see that this little bit of weather is not stopping you from eating, exercising and getting bigger every day!

Give your Mommy and Daddy a great big hug from me okay Parker? They deserve extra hugs and kisses because they are also being such amazing troopers. I hope your diaper rash is clearing up little pumpkin!

Love you Parker Poo!
Auntie Natalie xoxo

nonna said...

Hey Parker,

Just wanted to let you know that we voted for you, and will keep voting for you daily. Thanks for a wonderful day today you always turn a gloomy day into sunny one.
Stay Strong!

Love you tons

Nonno & Nonna

leafFan said...

Hi Parker!Your uncle benny and auntie carol voted for you today,we know you're going to win
because you are the cutest little guy in the contest. We're always thinking of you and your parents while we're down here in florida, so far away, I wish we could be closer to give you all more support. I hear you're going to Italy! so I guess you're going to have to learn Italian, I know you can do it, just don't let your nona or uncle benny try and teach you they both speak chinese italian. Well, we just wanted to say hi and that we're always thinking of you! Good luck, we'll vote again tomorrow!


uncle benny and
auntie carol