Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Why so Cranky Today Little Monkey?

Parker was a little cranky yesterday. He really did not have much interest in playing except for dancing with his mommy and watching his friends dangle from above his head. I have read that babies begin teethinig at around four months of age, although their first tooth is not usually visiable until six month. This may be one of the reasons for his irratability. Parker has also been growing quite a bit lately, that may be a reason. However, I think that may not be it since babies are usually cranky during the day because they have not been sleeping at night since they feed more often during a growth spurt. Parker has been sleeping uninterrupted at night except for a couple feeds around 1:00am and 6:30am. Lastly, Parker has quite the diaper rash. I feel this may be the main culprit for his change in attitude lately. There is a specialist coming to look at his rash today.

Parker has been accustomed to having his mommy give him his bath each night before he goes to bed. Yesterday he was in for a treat as daddy decided to take a crack at it. Well, I figured that bath time was definately suppose to be relaxing so I decided that it was more about sitting back and chillin' out than cleaning. So Parker got to have a very different bath experience. He may be a little less clean today but at least his day ended with a little less stress. I am sure mommy will make sure that Parker is squeeky clean tonight.

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I am not sure if it happened over night but I have noticed I am a different person since having Parker. I used to be very laid back, not extremely vocal about anything, and if something bothered me I would just try and let it pass. That has definately changed for me when Parker came into my life. Trust me, when I feel something is not right that involves my son, you better be prepared to get an ear full from me. There is nothing I would not do for Parker, and with his current condition there is a lot to be done and I promise to do it.


nonna said...

Hey Parker,

I understand about the little bit of crankyness. We all have some of those days, only with you all is forgiven because you're so darn cute.
So were you practising your swimming last night instead of getting cleaned? I can just imagine what your Daddy had you doing. Your Daddy is so right about the things parents will do for their children, and I know both our Mommy and Daddy are there for you at all times.

Stay Strong!

Love you tons

NOnna & Nonno

Kyle said...

Hey Parker!!

Man, you are so cute! The pictures today are extra adorable! We're voting our heads off for you and we think about you each and everyday. I hope your diaper rash gets better... hurts just thinking about it!! Relaxing in the tub eh?? ... doesn't sound like such a bad idea! Give our regards to your parents Parker; and stay strong big man! Catch up soon!

Love Kyle & Josephine

Elizabeth said...

Well sometimes, as your Nonna said, we all have cranky days. It's ok to have them - just remember to have 20 times as many happy ones! Either way, you are such a cutie, you know that, but we all love it when you are happy. :)

I hope you are feeling better soon with that diaper rash, Parker darling!

Love, Elizabeth

coolauntiekatie said...

Hiya Shortie!!

A tooth huh?? Well first of all, if it's not a 'tooth' situation that had you down yesterday, you are sooooooo entitled to a bad day now and then. You are living the life of a celebrity right now, and everyone's anticipating your every move(via this site of course). Not too mention all the poking and prodding going on in your life. Bad days are okay. If it is in fact a tooth??? I know this won't mean anything to you right now...........but teeth are important. Your Daddy's a great chef, and you'll want a good set of teeth just so that you can chew that wicked food!!!! Miss ya lots.

Love ya lots and lots,
Auntie Kate xo