Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Viva Italia!

A couple of people have now mentioned to me that in English the name Aiuti means to help. That is exactly what my wife and I have decided to ask Dr. Aiuti to do, to help our son. I had previously mentioned that I thought our meeting went very well yesterday and that we felt very positive after speaking with Dr. Aiuti. After spending the night discussing our possible treatment options we came to the agreement that Italy was the right solution to our son's problem.

We have now given the hospital the okay to start Parker on PEG-ADA so that he has a sufficient amount of BM CD34+ cells when it is time to extract them. We are going through the process of filling out our Trillium Drug Plan application so that it will not cost us $125,000 US/year for the medication.

I have done some research and I cannot confirm this yet, but Parker may be the first Canadian to have genetic therapy done. We always knew that the little guy was going to be a famous Canadian but we did not know he was going to make medical history.

The time we will spend in Italy will be anywhere from four to six months, starting in October of 2006. Now, to be honest I was never that enthusiastic about doing any fundraising but there is a time to put your pride aside and do what is best for your family. That said, my wife has been working with a woman in regards to fundraising. She was the woman that gave my wife the idea of putting me on CFRB 1010 last week and has now suggested going on Breakfast Television. So if all goes well, you may see me on CityTV one morning, talking about Parker, ADA and Gene Therapy.

Since so many people have asked us about fundraising, my wife has set up a charitable account that can be accessed at all TD Canada Trust branches across Canada under Parker's name with the account number 0590 6267228.

Parker, my wife and I truly appreciate the support and generosity everyone has given us. We could not have gotten this far without your help. It is definately a long battle ahead of us. But the three of us are ready for anything that comes our way.

Viva Italia!


Funny Face said...

Well Parker you are going to be a world traveler!

I think this is great Parker! This doctor can help so off to Italy you go! So Parker maybe you could ask your dad to do up a little message and send it out to all of us about you and your journey and then in turn some of us could send it to our co-works to see what we can do (so Kev get on that o.k. we can do great things when everyone jumps in to help).

O.k. little one have a great sleep and I look forward to we can do to help you...Fundraising is this families middle name!

Love you!

Laura, Craig and Elizabeth

coolauntiekatie said...

Ciao Bello!!!

Come sta? Well this is very exciting Peanut!! Of all the places in the world to go to.....MILAN?!?!? sooo cool! I think this fundraising thing is absolutely the way to go!! Uncle Michael and I have some ideas as well. So we'll have to talk to Mommy and Daddy and colaborate.

Buonanotte Angioletto!! (good night little angel)

Love Auntie Kate xoxoxoxo

Stacia said...

Wow Parker!!! Italy here you come!!! I know this is going to turn out to be an amazing year for you with wonderfully positive outcomes that you will have a whole lifetime to look back on!!! You and your mommy and daddy are all 3 VERY courageous!!!
You are such a brave little boy...and so inspirational! And, the strength of your mom and dad is amazing!!! You keep stron Parker and I hope you have a great day tomorrow!!! xoxoxoxox

Allyson said...

My goodness Parker-off to Italy you go! Your parents are my new hero's and I am going to see what can be done here on the East Coast to get some $$ together for your journey! Tell your Mom and Dad I will be in touch! Allyson

Natalie said...

Wow Parker Poo...Look out Italy here you come! The Italian women should be pre-warned that a special little man is on the way (and the men should be warned that new competion will soon arrive!!!)

You are such a special little Monkey and do not worry because everything will work itself out...who wouldn't want to help out such a cute little man!

Lots of Love,
Auntie Natalie

nonna said...

Hey Parker,

Who would of thought that you would get to Italy before your Nonna & Nonno. Way to go big guy! Not only are you going to be on your road to recovery but also a great adventure!

Be Strong!

Love you tons

Nonno, Nonna & Nonnie

Luv you handsome boy Nonno!

Elizabeth said...

Wow, a world traveller already! I am so glad that this Doctor in Italy is able to help you get better - that's all we want for you.

I hope you are having a wonderful day today and that tomorrow brings even more sunshine and joy in your life, little one.


Happifax said...

Hey Parker!
This is such wonderful news! I know it wasn't an easy decision for mommy and daddy to make but they are amazing people and will do anything and everything for you to make sure you get the bestest!

You're going to break the hearts of many little girls in Italy when you leave, as I'm sure they will all fall in love with you just as we have just by seeing your adorable pictures and hearing all about your days with your parents.

Keep working hard and having fun.

Can't wait to meet you really soon. Doyle is looking forward to many play dates.