Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Just Another Day at the Office

It was the start of a new week yesterday which meant Parker had his weekly blood taken. This allows the doctors and myself to see what the different levels are in his blood. Obviously, his lymphocytes are extremely low (B, T, and nk cells) but we have also noticed a couple of other things that outside of the normal range. Parker's platelets are quite elevated. For those of you that are unaware of what platelets are, they are cells in your blood that help to allow for clotting. So, when you get a cut, it is your platelets that help to stop the bleeding, eventually forming a scab. Now, I am unsure why Parker's platelets are so elevated but it seems as if everyone here on the bone marrow unit needs platelets. Too bad Parker could not give them some of his.

Parker was previously on an antibiotic called Septra that acted as a detourant to PCP Pneumonia. A couple of weeks ago we noticed that Parker's poly count (neutrophils) was quite low. It had previously been normal but over the past couple of weeks it has dropped to an unacceptable level. There are different reasons that this could occur but the doctors felt that the Septra was the most likely reason for Parker being Neutropenic. It has been over a week since Parker has come off the Septra but his poly count has yet to return to normal. I will let some more time pass before I begin to become concerned.

The occupational therapist came by to visit Parker yesterday. She was a little surprised with his attempt at crawling. She asked us to focus less on that and more on getting him to learn how to sit up. So we go through the motions with him on sitting up. I am sure that the little guy will have it all figured out soon. As well, we were told that we have to teach him not to slouch in his Bumbo chair. Placing a blanked behind him has rectified that problem. We don't want him turning into a slacker.

Remember, Parker is still in the finals of the baby contest at babiesonline.com So, make sure you vote each day for the little guy. You can click here or on the link at the top of the page under Photo Contest. For those of you who have come to this site for the first time today, please come back regularly to see how Parker is doing in his battle against severe combined immunodeficiency.


Uncle Michael said...

Hi Parker, Uncle Michael here, how are things? I just got word that the "occupational therapist" came by to see you recently. How interesting.
I had an occupational therapist once.
He told me to be a musician and I've been in therapy since! I know you won't have that problem though Parker.
You've got a great life ahead of you.
So, I thought we could quickly discuss a few options for what to do down the road. Now, I know your Dad and Mum are thinking "Astronaut", "Brain Surgeon", "Prime Minister" etc...and all of these are fine.
But here are a few that people never think of:
1. Human Fly. You know, scaling the tallest buildings in the world, wearing a cool outfit, getting on t.v.
2. Pirana Hunter. Diving the depths of the Amazon, saving villagers from the threat of their vicious teeth. Really cool outfit, getting on t.v.
3. King of an ice fortress in the North Pole! Your own castle, cold beer, really cool outfit, getting on t.v.
And last but not least:
4. Rocket Man! Able to fly your own super-sonic jet and save the world! For sure you'd get on t.v.!
Anyhow, those are just my suggestions. Auntie Katie said she thought maybe you could go to work doing surveys for the Tuna company but I told her that wasn't cool enough. She just doesn't get it does she Parker. Tuna. Silly....

Anyhow, lots of time to talk about it when you're older.
We love you very much.
See you soon..
Uncle Michael

coolauntiekatie said...

Hiya Parkerpants!!

First of all, I think I should tell you that your Uncle Michael has been in the depths of his studio for waaaay too long!!! Secondly, I don't even like tuna!!.........well, okay I like it a little. But I would suggest far cooler occupations than a silly Tuna survey guy! You're already a ROCK STAR! Next step guitar lessons! (I'll leave that up to Uncle Michael) Anyway, keep sitting up straight and eating lots and lots!

Love ya,
Auntie Kate xo

Natalie said...

Hello Mr. Parker Posey!!

Wow..you are such a lucky little boy! Your Uncle Michael and Auntie Katie are so fun and funny! I don't know which profession to vote for. It is a toss up...tuna or...hmmmm. If you asked my kindergarten students they would vote for "The Human Fly". If you learned to scale walls you would delight children all around the world...just the way you delight all of us with your beautiful little face!

Stay strong little one...you have an exciting life full of new adventures (scaling walls, deep sea diving, rocket flying, eating tuna) just around the corner!

I love you oodles and oodles!

Auntie Natalie xoxox

FrancineElizabeth said...

Dear Parker,
How are you? I love Uncle Kevy and Auntie Tracy and treats too. I love to eat treat candies. When you come home from the hospital, I will take the toys and play with you. My favourite toy is a dinosaur. Don't be sad because I don't want you to cry... Aunt Tracy will give you a bottle.
Hugs and Kisses XOXOXOXOXOXO
Love Your Big Cousin Patrick