Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Baby on the Way

I finally made it to the computer today. I think Parker has recently fallen asleep so I now have some time to myself. See, Parker's mommy is out for the day because Cool Auntie Kate and Uncle Michael are having their baby today and she along with Nana and Granddad have gone downtown to be there during the labour. Parker is going to have another cousin and although we are still unsure if it is a boy or girl we are evtremely happy for them. Last I heard it will still not be a few hours until the pushing starts so Parker and I will just spend the rest of the day playing with his blocks and puzzle.

With mommy gone for the day I thought it would be fun if Parker and I had chicken nuggets for lunch. Parker gets really excited watching me eat and whenever I bring anything to my mouth he opens his as the food goes by. So, today I thought I would give him some nuggets dipped in apple sauce. I did not take off the breading but I did cut the nugget into somewhat small pieces. The little guy polished off about a third of a nugget which took him a little while to do, but he enjoyed it. The second piece was actually quite large but he did chew it into very small pieces before he washed it down with more apple sauce. Who knows what I will give him tomorrow.

The homogenized milk is going very well. Parker now has half milk mixed with half formula with every bottle. My wife no longer wants to purchase formula so when that runs out next week it will be just milk. Maybe he will wash his birthday cake down with a big glass of milk on Saturday.

It was easy to see Parker's teeth when I was feeding him this afternoon, so I made sure to inspect them to see if they still had any discoloration. They defitely look clean; however, one tooth does still have some greyness on the left side of it. I am extrenely pleased at how well the teeth brushing has helped Parker.

Sears came today to clean the carpets on the second floor and stairs. My wife had booked the appointment before the December holidays to ensure that they were spotless for Parker. Yes, they are vacuumed on a very regular basis but a deep cleaning will help even more.

Lastly, I finally cleaned the HEPA filer yesterday. Parker has one in his room, but there is also one attached to the main heating and cooling system for the house that Great Gulf Homes put on for us when they heard about our son's conditiion. I must say that our builder has been very accomodating. They agreed to complete our year-end repairs while we are in Italy (extended the year end to almost two years) and they also put in a top of the line HEPA system for us. Top-notch, all around, they are.

Well, I am going to see if I can get some studying done before Parker wakes up. I am on the last chapter and should be able to start reviewing my notes in the next couple of days. I should have this exam written and passed by the end of the month.

As soon Cool Auntie Kate has here baby, I will let everyone know.


nonna said...

Hey Parker,

This is sooooo exciting waiting for another cousin....I can hardly wait to hear what Auntie Katie and Uncle Michael's new baby will be.
Good Luck to Auntie Katie.
You are going to have so many cousins to play with when you get back from your trip.
Looking forward to Saturday.

Stay Strong Big Guy!

Love you tons

Nonna & Nonno

Uncle Mikey said...

Hey Parker,

We're so excited to have another addition to the family...we eagerly await the good news!!

Take care and see you on Saturday.


Uncle Mikey