Friday, January 12, 2007

Pablo Cake... A Success

Tomorrow is Parker's birthday party so I spent most of the day working on his Pablo Cake. I do enjoy cooking but I must say that baking and cake decorating are not two of my favourite things when it comes to cooking and food. First off, I do not bake very often and second I barely passed art at any grade level when I was in school. With those two things working against me and the fact that I am very hard on myself when it comes to anything I do, especially cooking, I had quite the task today. That said, I was pleased with the final outcome. I did modify the procedure slightly and if I were to do the same cake again I would modify even more. First, I ended up using three different colours of starburst for the mouth rather than only the yellow and finishing the inside of the mouth with red frosting. Secondly, I used an extra red starburst to shape the pinwheel on his hat instead of using a red M&M to hide the toothpick. I hope Parker likes it.

We did have a trip to Sick Kids today for Parker's ADAGEN injection in addition to see Parker's dietician. I guess that is the good thing about going to Sick Kid's all the time; we get to see specialists whenever we want to ask a question about Parker. We saw a dentist and dietitian in the past week and a half. The dietitian was quite happy with Parker's progress. "Now this is what a healthy one year old is supposed to look like", she said when she saw the little monkey. My wife did have some questions that she was more than happy to answer. It was mostly about how much Parker should be drinking now, and if there were any restrictions on what foods he should be eating.

Apparently, Parker is to be having only two 9 oz bottles of formula/milk each day with a 9 oz bottle of water/juice between them. My wife was not too accepting of her answer as most of what she has read has recommended three bottles of milk. Regardless, I think he will be moved to 2 and a half bottles of milk every day. As for the food? No sushi or unpasteurised honey or nuts of any kind. Peanut butter is okay. We do have to see if he is allergic to peanut butter by putting a dab on his lip tomorrow but she told us with the immunology/allergy specialist that delaying nuts in Parker's diet does keep him from getting a nut allergy it only delays us knowing about it. So, in the next few days Parker will have some peanut butter.

We had a nice visit from my friend Laura today. She got to watch Parker eat his dinner. It consisted of a chicken nugget, boiled carrots, apple sauce, macaroni and cheese and a Minigo, washed down with some water from a cup. It sounds like it was a lot, but he did not eat much of the cheese and macaroni and the nugget took forever. Regardless, he did finish most of his nugget.

I am pretty pleased at how well Parker is at drinking from a cup by himself. He likes having water out of a plastic red cup. I have to help him a bit but for the most part he can hold the cup with two hands, bring it to his mouth and take a sip.

I think mommy is going t o put Parker pants to bed now. He has a big day ahead of him tomorrow with his birthday party. I promise to have alot of images tomorrow from his party.


Bree said...

Kevin, I am more than impressed by your cake! What an awesome job you did! I made a Winnie the Pooh cake last week for my friends daughter and lets just say ... the icing was a disaster. I'm sure Parker will more than love it!

Special birthday wishes are being sent Parker's way momentarily!!!

nonna said...

Hey Park,

That cake look fabulous, and you get to eat the cap all by yourself
Good job Kevy, I knew you could do it.
Looking forward to celebrating Parker's Birthday today.
See you soon Big Guy, stay strong.

Love you tons

Nonno & Nonna

funnyface said...


It was soooo great to see you yesterday and fun watching you eat your are a great talker and entertainer!

Have a really great birthday and enjoy that cake.

Love you tons!

Laura, Craig and Elizabeth

Natalie said...

Parker Pants,

Wow! I love your cake! You will have such fun taking a great big bite out of the top! I cannot wait to see you today Parker!

Happy, Happy Day!

Auntie Natalie xoxoxox