Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Walking soon?

My wife pretty much told me to get my behind into the office and write today's blog. I figure I should oblige. Parker has been up for a while now and is currently playing in his room. He has been sleeping very well through the night. Down to bed around 6:30 and then he is usually out until around seven in the morning. Last night was a little different. He decided to get up at around half past three to play in his crib. When we heard him we thought it was morning already because that is what it sounded like, but a quick glance at the clock reassured us it was not. I read somewhere that Parker may begin waking up in the night just before he starts walking. I am not sure why, or how true that is but he was up last night. Lucky for us, he fell asleep shortly after he started to play.

We do have a trip to Sick Kid's this morning for Parker's ADAGEN injection. We are wondering if we are going to get any more information about our trip and who we should be liaising with. We do have a lot of questions as you can imagine. I have spent the last couple of days looking at Italy tourism sites. I have the subway map on my white board with the hospital highlighted on it. We want to know where we will be staying so that I can mark that on the map as well. I am currently trying to figure out how to get mobile phone and WiFi Internet (to keep the website up and running). I have a couple of leads but am still working on it.

I have to start getting ready for the trip to the hospital soon so I will write more later today after I have returned.


Stacia said...

Hiya PARKER!!!
We are a fine pair you and I...I was up at 3 am as well...But I unfortunately was too cranky to play!!! I did eventually go back to sleep :)
OH YAY YAY YAY...ITALY here you come!!!
Hope you and mommy and daddy are ablew to get more info today about italy while you are at the hospital!!!
Let us know as soon as you walk !!!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Parker,

Well I wasn't up at 3 - but I went to bed at 11 (it took forever for me to go to sleep - I was a very cranky baby) and then I was up again at 4:15 am! Poor Mommy. :)

Mommy found out yesterday that as different milestones are reached sleep patterns are changed - so just as I am not sleeping well because I have recently learned to roll over - maybe that's why you are starting not to - because you are going to walk soon! :)

I know that as soon as you learn how to walk you are going to be big trouble for your Mommy and Daddy (But I know they'll love it).

I hope you find out some more things about your trip to Italy today!

Love Calder
(and Elizabeth)

Natalie said...

Parker Pants,

Good morning little one! I hope that your Daddy is finding out lots of information for all of you about your trip to Italy! It is good that he is such a researcher...this will make your trip much easier! Every family needs someone who reads, goes on-line, plans etc. before a trip! Your Uncle David is like that and that is why I always have such good holidays! It sounds like your Daddy will take good care of you and Mommy when you are away.

I hope that you slept through the night last night so you will be ready to tackle all of your adventures today!

Auntie Natalie xoxoxox