Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Parker

Today is January 15th, 2007 and it was about now one year ago today that I told my wife that Sunday morning that I thought her water had broken and we should take a trip to the hospital so that she could get it checked out. She did not believe me but she did oblige. That evening just after quarter after nine Parker popped his head out to say hello to us for the very first time. Alot has happened in the past year but with everything that he has gone through; however, Parker is everything a little one year should be. I figured that today I would use the article to show mostly images from that day, one year ago.

During my wife's labour we had quite a few visitors keeping us company. Here is an image of my wife walking down the hall with her parents in an attempt to help further the labour.

Around half past eight my wife, her mother and myself made our way to the delivery room to begin the pushing.

At 9:18pm Parker was born and our lives would be changed forever.

Six pounds and thirteen ounces, not quite the big baby we were told Parker was going to be. For those of you who enjoy metric, that is 3.087 kilograms.

There he is after scoring 9/10 on his Apgar. Who cares if everyone does, it was my son's first A.

Mommy and Daddy finally get to take a look at their baby boy together for the first time.

He always made sure he knew what was going on by keeping one eye open. He sure was small.

The two most important people in my life. What more could I ask for?

Parker will always be the cutest baby in the world to me.

I have decided to open up the comments so that anyone that would like to wish Parker a happy birthday may do so today. Do not be alarmed if your comment does not show up right away as there is a delay with the comment being moderated.


Winda said...

Happy Birthday Parker. I have been following your story since it started last year. What an amazing little boy you are. We too are a sick kids family and if we are ever there on the same day you are I will be sure to say hi to you and your parents. Keep up the great work!!!!!! Looking forward to reading more about your fantasic progress and milestones. I smile everytime I read the blog.

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday, Parker!!!!!!

It seems like yesterday when I found out that you were born - you were so much anticipated, and worth the wait! You've been through so much this past year, and you have shown what a strong boy you are. The next year will show many changes, too - living in Italy for a time, wow! - and it will be a time of great excitement when you come from Italy and are able to see all of your family and friends who love and care for you so very much.

I am thinking of you on this day,
Love Elizabeth
(and Gary & Calder)

Stacy Doherty said...

Hi, my name is Stacy and I have been following Parker's site for quite a long time I found out about it from a parent board I visit. I check in everyday and can not believe how big he has gotten. My two kids also like to see the pictures of Parker. I wanted to wish Parker a Happy Birthday and wish you all the luck in Italy. I hope everything goes very well. Thank you for sharing Parker's story with us. I keep you all in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Thanks again and have a very Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Nana said...

Happy Birthday our little man:

Can't believe it has been a year since you arrived as the precious beautiful baby you were and are. The joy and happiness we felt are indescribable and the love we felt and feel right now will never be stronger. You are our very special little man and will always be our pride and joy. Have an extra extra wonderful lst birthday.

We love you so.

Nana and Granddad xoxo

canadiantania said...

Happy Birthday Parker!!!
I started following your story after your dad posted on the todaysparent website. You are too adorable and I'm so glad you are doing better.
Take Care little one and enjoy your day :)
~mom to Grace 2yrs and Will 1yr

Taz said...

Happy First Birthday Parker!!!
I’ve been following this website since I found out about you through a school mate. I was in your daddy’s grade 10 computer class in 1997. He was one of the best teacher’s that I’ve had at that school. He was full of energy and made learning fun with his jolly rancher games. You’re the cutest baby and I love reading your daddy’s posts about your progress. I wish you all the best in Italy!

Taz Ali

Danielle Vincent said...

Hi Parker, Tracey, and Kevin!!!

Paul and I want to wish Parker a wonderful birthday!! I have been following the site for a year now as well and a number of my students and teachers also read about your amazing son!! You have the thoughts and prayers of Holy Trinity School.

Take care and enjoy the day!!!

With warm regards,
Danielle and Paul G

Lesley said...

Happy 1st Birthday Parker!! I have followed your story since I first read about you in the Toronto Star last spring ... what an amazing and determined little boy you are ... and what fun, loving and strong parents you have! God sure knew what he was doing when he brought the three of you together! May He bless you and your parents with much health and happiness this year.

Alexis said...

happy birthday!!!!!!
Good luck in Italy!!!

Rina said...


My name is Rina and I have been following your story pretty much since the beginning.... I check your blog daily and you have grown so much in the last year... you are an amazing little boy! Thank you to your parents for sharing you with us... you are in our prayers!

Happifax said...

Hey Parker!!

A whole year old. Can you believe how fast the time has gone by?? In that time you have gone through more than most people do in a lifetime. You are an amazing little boy from whom we could all learn a few important lessons.

Doyle can't wait until you return from Italy so you guys can become fast friends.

Have a wonderful one deserves it more than you, your mommy, and daddy.


Love, Sarah, Landon, and Doyle

Colleen said...

Happy Birthday Parker!!

I have been following your story for a number of months now. I went to school with your father (St. Brendan's and PJPII) and heard about you through mutual friends. Every day I check up on what you have been doing and getting into! You are a joy to read about and I look forward to each entry.

Have a wonderful Birthday Parker!!

Mike said...

Happy Birthday Parker! I've been following your site since I first heard about you on CityTV. Your an amazing little guy and reading about your progress and your antics always brings a smile to my face and brightens my day. Have a great year little fellow!

nonna said...

Hey Parker,

What a great idea to open up the comment so everyone can wish you a Happy Birthday.
You are such a special little guy, I wish you only good health, sunny days, and happiness, always!

Stay strong Big Guy!

Love you tons

Nonna & Nonno

p.s. You couldn't have picked more loving and caring parents then your Daddy and Mommy.

Manda said...

I have been reading this blog faithfully since your daddy posted it to the Today's Parent forums and I am very happy to be able to leave this message and wish you the very best of Happy Birthdays! I enjoy reading about your adventures and watching as you grow into a wonderful, strong little boy. Part of what pulls me to reading this blog is that I have a little boy named Alex who will be 1 on Sunday, I see that you and Alex are a lot alike, little monkeys! I cannot imagine going through what you and your family have gone through during your first year, I appluade the strength that you all possess and I wish you all the luck and I send my prayers with you as you prepare for your trip to Italy. No one knows what this year will bring but please know, there are many many people thinking of you everyday.
Happy Birthday Parker!!

Natalie said...

Hello My Famous Little Parker Pants,

It is so exciting to see all of the people that are following your story and sending you happy thoughts!

Wowee! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! I love you so very much Parker Pants and now you are officially one year old! Yippee! Yahoo! Happy Birthday to you!

Lots and lots of love,
Auntie Natalie xoxoxox

ZoeRoberts said...

Happy Birthday

Parker happy birthday you sweet little angel!! I went to school with your mom and I read this blog everyday. You are a strong little boy with truly wonderful parents. I have a little girl Madeline who is 2 what a true gift children are.

Tracy you are amazing and inspiring!!

Happy Birthday sweet Parker!!

Love Zoe, David and Maddi

Nonno said...

Happy Birthday you handsome boy Nonno!!We had a great time at your birhday party on Saturday.
Keep up the good work Parker.

Love you Nonno and Nonna

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Parker!!! I have been reading this site almost daily for almost 6 months. I came across it by chance and I have been somewhat addicted. As a mother of two "healthy" children I am always amazed to read about the strength of both parents and the amazing support from all of your family members. I want to thank Kevin for allowing strangers such as myself for being able to read about the process and milestones of Parker. Again Happy Birthday Parker... you have certainally been blessed with great parents. Someone above knew what they were doing.. Good luck with the next year and the journeys that you will be taking.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Parker!

I am an PJP II alumni and I have been faithfully reading your dad's blog since your story first appeared on City last spring. Your dad's messages are so heartfelt, especially the ones that express his love for your mom and his dedication to you. My daughters love the videos and always ask about baby Parker. Please know that you and your family have touched so many people and that you are in our prayers always.


Barb said...

Happy Birthday Parker,
I haven't posted in awhile what a great day to start it back up. I think its wonderful to get a chance to see how many people are routing for you to get better. You are a special little boy to so many!!!
Your mommy and daddy certainly got a wonderful gift this time last year. Your three are a perfect team.

Uncle Mikey said...

Happy Birthday Parker,

We just wanted to wish you the all the best on your first Birthday!! We had such a great time with you at your party and look forward to many more birhdays in the future.

Love you tons and tons,
Uncle Mikey, Auntie Christini and Jacob

Meghan said...

Happy Birthday Parker! I have been following your story ever since your Dad posted about it on the Today's Parent Forums. I must say you are one handsome little guy! You and your family are in our prayers. May God watch over you during your time in Italy.

Meghan, Ottawa,ON
(Mom to 4 1/2 year old Julia and 2 1/2 year old Evelyn)

Daniela & Kevin said...

Hi Parker, Tracey and Kevin,

I have been following Parker's story since we first read about him in the Toronto Star. You are under our favorites on the computer and I check faithfully for updates every single day! Happy Birthday Parker!! May your journey to Italy be a great success and we look forward to hearing your dad's updates on you. Take Care and have a wonderful birthday!

Daniela & Kevin

Mary said...

Hi Parker,

Just wanted to wish you a happy, happy first birthday. We love coming to your site everyday to read about all of your adventures. You are a sweet, lovable little boy. You are lucky to be loved by such wonderful parents, family and friends.
Your Nonna just can't stop talking about how terrific you are!
We keep you in our thoughts everyday and wish you a wonderful year!

Mary, Terry and Isabella

Bree said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARKER! You are a very special little boy and you are loved and celebrated by so many! Have a wonderful day play all day long and be as silly as you want! This is the first of many wonderful birthdays!!

Lots of Hugs,
Love Bree

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Parker!! I'm so glad to hear that you are doing so well for yourself.
I think of you everyday and read the blog whenever I get a chance. I'm so glad I picked today to read-- wow -- 1 year has passed and what a year it has been. Send Mommy and Daddy my love! Take care! Good luck in Italy! I hope you see you soon.

Franni said...

Happy Birthday Parker!
You are already 1 year old! Unbelievable!!
It has been so nice to read all of the messages for you tonight from people who know you so well through your daddy's daily blogs. And, of course from family who LOVE you so much.
I hope your birthday was awesome and you are now sleeping peacefully until tomorrow morning.
I hope that next year we can all be together to celebrate your 2nd birthday.
Love ya tons.
Auntie Franni xoxo

Pete said...

Happy Birthday Big Guy!
It's me, your Uncle Pete!
It was lots of fun having me and the boys (Patrick, Jonathan and William) sing you Happy Birthday at your dinner time.
BTW, nice Pablo cake face! You remind me of your daddy!

Uncle Pete

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Parker! I have been following your story for quite a while and I must say that you, your mommy and your daddy are an inspiration to our whole family. You are such a sweetheart Parker! Keep growing big and strong and I hope to read all about your trip to Italy.

Julie (mommy to Liam and Nathan)

Laura said...

I am 8 years old and I read your blog with my mom. I hope you had a good birthday with your family and I hope your trip to Italy comes soon. You are a handsome little boy! God Bless you and your family.

Lora said...

Hello Parker!

Happy Birthday! I have been following your story since I first read about you in the Toronto Star last year. When I first read about you, I cried. I cut your picture out of the paper and put in on my fridge next to my daughter Rachel who is one and a half months older than you. I have been following your daddy's blog on a daily basis. It is like you have become a part of our family. I will regularly go to my husband and tell him all about what you did a certain day or what milestones you've achieved. You have such a beautiful smile and I think that you are absolutely adorable. Your parents love you very much. They have worked so hard this past year in trying to keep you healthy and happy. They've done a great job in doing so.

Kevin and Tracy, you are the best parents and great role models. Parker couldn't have asked for better parents. He is lucky to have you in his life, however you are also so lucky to have been blessed with this little boy. My thoughts will be with you in Italy and I look forward to reading your blogs to see how Parker is doing. I know that once all of this is over, he will return home and play with all of his friends and family. Stay strong. Know that you have lots of support, even from strangers like myself. Thanks for sharing your story with the world. It's been an amazing journey for you and it'll only get better!

Lora, Frank and Rachel.

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Birthday Parker! I'm a PJPII allumni and as a family we read your blog everyday. My son, Ben, sang "Happy Birthday" to you this morning really loud so you could hear him. Did you hear him? He woke Meg up from her nap because he was so loud! Hope you had a great day. From what your dad says, Ben is a lot like you when he was smaller. Soon you'll be running around and getting in loads of trouble!

Jenn, John, Ben and Meg

Melissa Hopkins said...


I have been following your story since I saw the first article in the Toronto Star. I recognized your dad in the picture - we worked together here in London while he was going to school.

I wish you all the best. You are an amazing little boy.


Melissa H.

Lorna said...

Happy First Birthday Parker!
The birthday pictures showed me that you had a very good time. Great Pablo cake!!! This past year has been an amazing journey for you and your parents and I have felt privileged to follow your progress. You have certainly developed into an accomplished toddler with the "most charming smile". I'm looking forward to hearing all about your successes in Italy. Just so you know - my day would not be complete without a nightly trip to your blog.
Looking forward to seeing you run about with Patrick, Jonathan and William.
Love Lorna

Julie said...

Happy first birthday Parker!
I have been following Parker's story for some time now, and I am amazed everyday by all of his accomplishments. I first heard of Parker from his first story in The Toronto Star, and right away felt a connection because my two children were also born with a rare genetic disorder in which they are lacking a vital enzyme.
Kevin and Tracey, you are an inspiration to many and I find courage in your strength. I wish you all a happy and healthy new year and good luck in Italy. I look forward to reading more about Parker and watching him grow into a strong healthy boy!

Kendra said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Parker! You're such an amazing little boy, and we wish you, your Mommy and Daddy the very best on your special day.

We've been following you on this blog every day since last May, when your story first appeared in The Toronto Star. We've told so many people about you and what an amazing little boy you are. We're not surprised though, that you're so strong considering you come from such strong parents.

We just want you to know that in such a short amount of time, you've changed so many lives for the better. We have a little boy of our own who is only a few months older than you, so we know first-hand just how very much your Mommy and Daddy love you and how you've filled their hearts with so much love.

We can't wait to hear of your success in Italy. You're a truly amazing little boy and we know that you're going to have a great year ahead.

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Parker!

Kendra, Forrest and Jase

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Parker!!! I have been faithfully following your story of courage and strength since your Dad posted a link on the Today's Parent website. You are an amazing little guy who is blessed with the most loving family. Good luck in Italy!


Val said...

Happy Birthday Parker. I've been following your progress since the day I read about you in the Peterborough Examiner. I think you are the sweetest little guy. You have wonderful parents and I thank them for sharing you with us. I love you just from reading about you and seeing all the cute pictures. Stay strong, hope you go to Italy soon.

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Birthday Parker!
I read your story everyday and I'am truly amazed at the strength and courage that both you and your family have. Being a mother of 2 young boys I can relate to the blog and the things that you accomplish everyday. I love to read about you and recomend this site to all my friends. I can't wait to read about you while on your trip to Italy, I wish you all the luck, and will keep you in my prayers! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Christine said...

Happy Birthday, Parker! Your mommy and I talked everyday when you were in her tummy. We had so much fun sharing our thoughts and feelings about what it was going to be like to be a mom. You are just 6 months younger than my daughter, Julia. I know that you'll meet someday soon. A special thank you to your mom and dad for sharing so much about your life. Thinking about you always!

Chris and Julia

Anonymous said...

Ciao Parker,

Buon compleanno, piccolo. Ti auguro di passare uno giornata magnifica e di ricevere tanti regali. Divertiti!
Ti voglio bene sempre.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Parker. I've followed your blog ever since I saw your Mommy and Daddy on CityNews. I think you are an adorable baby boy and your parents are the best ever. I look forward to reading your daddy's messages each day to see how you are doing. Once again, Happy 1st Birthday.

amelia said...

Happy Birthday Parker!! I share your birthday only I was born in 1948 so I have a few years on you!!!!
I have followed your story and just can't wait till you get to go to Italy to be made well. I'm sure it will be a great success.
Your blog is the first thing I look at every day and I get great joy from your wonderful progress.
Keep up the good work mum and dad.

Anonymous said...


Happy Belated Birthday! I just wanted you to know you have a friend in Indiana that prays for your regularly.


Allyson said...

Happy Birtheday Parker!
I can not believe a whole year has passed since you were born! I remember when you mom e-mailed just before your birth to tell me that you were a boy-she was soooo excited!
I hope you enjoyed your very special day and we hope all your wishes come true this year!
Allyson, Bruce and Beck!