Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bathtime Can Be Fun

My wife told me that I better get my butt over to the computer and write the article for today. "You have not written an article in a while", she said during dinner. Actually, it was only a couple of days ago, but I did have every intention of writing yesterday. I had the images ready and everything. Regardless, I am here and am now updating the site.
There are two things of importance that I wanted to write about. The first being how the tooth brushing has been going. I had mentioned in my last article how the dentist at Sick Kids had showed us how to brush Parker's teeth together. We took her advice and although Parker fights us for the full 90 seconds, I am able to clean his teeth much more effectively. I blast the Wiggles in his room so he can hear it in our bedroom where we use the chair and ottoman to sit on as we brush his teeth. We have completed several teeth bushings and I must say that I have definitely noticed his top teeth getting cleaner. The greyness that was on his teeth is slowly starting to dissipate. It is hard to check his teeth afterwards because he is so sad during the brushing and I don't want to stress him out any more than I already have; however, while I am brushing, they do look much better. I am starting to think that maybe they were just a little bit dirty.

We feel terrible for Parker during the whole ordeal because he is so sad; however, we know that we are not causing him any pain so the crying does not stop us. When it is over, mom gives him big hugs while daddy grabs his Winnie the Pooh scooter so that he can travel around the upper floor. It makes him forget the brushing rather quickly.

Secondly, Parker started taking baths in the tub without having to sit in his "Ducky Tub". Mommy fills the tub with warm water, bubbles and his toys and Parker hops right in. He was such a good boy for his bath the first two days at it, but mommy told me tonight at dinner that he was not too happy about his bath tonight. Nana and Grand-dad were over for dinner tonight so maybe it had nothing to do with the big tub and everything to do with wanting to play with them.

We have another trip to Sick Kids tomorrow. I emailed our immunologist to see if he had any information about Italy. If I don't hear anything in the next day or so I will make a call to the center in Milan to talk to Dr. Aiuti to see if he has a date for us yet.

I hope everyone enjoys all the pictures the past couple of days. My wife likes it when there are a lot of images, so I thought I would make her happy. To be honest, We have been taking quite a few images of Parker lately, and if I have a lot of good pictures on the camera when it is time to write the article then I usually include them.


Auntie Christini said...

Dear Parky,

Wow, you are getting so big! Bathtime looks like a lot of fun with all those toys and bubbles.

We're so happy your teeth are getting better. I can understand not liking your teeth brushed...your cousin Jacob still fights with me when I try to brush them.

We can't wait to celebrate your birthday which is fast approaching! We will be there (and healthy) for sure.

Take care big guy!
Auntie Christini xo

Natalie said...


It is so good to see you again! What a cutie you are! I love the pictures of you having fun in the bathtub! What a big boy....and look at all those bubbles! What fun!

I am so glad that your teeth are going to get beter with your brushing! I know that you can do it! Help out your Mommy and Daddy by opening your mouth wide!

Let us know as how your visit to the hospital goes today...I am crossing my fingers for news about Italy.

Lots and lots of love,
Auntie Natalie

nonna said...

Hey Parker,

You look sooo cute in your Birthday Suit, I am sure your Mommy will be showing all your girlfriends when you get older.

I am glad that your brushing is getting done and your teeth are getting better.

Stay Strong Big Guy

Love you tons

Nonna & Nonno

Stacia said...

Hi Parker!!!
How adorable you look in the bath tub!!!!
I like to get in the bath tub too with LOTS AND LOTS of bubbles!!! I don't have quite as many toys as you though :(
I can't beleive how light your hair is getting!!! You are sO CUTE!!!
Hope you have a good day today and I hope we get word about your departure to Italy very soon!!!
Have a GREAT weekend little man :)

Uncle Michael said...

Hey Parksy, looking like you're having a bit of fun in the old bathtub!
I bet you can't wait for your first Birthday! Just when you thought all the presents were gone for another're going to get a few more! How fun is that!
Anyhow, hope you're feeling well.
See you soon,
love Uncle Michael and Auntie Katie