Friday, January 05, 2007

Short Article

I know this message is short in comparison to my other messages but I am tired this evening. I did want to make sure that there is something for everyone to read, especially if you visit this site on a regular basis so I thought I would write regardless.

We made a trip to Sick Kids today for Parker's ADAGEN injection. It was quite busy in the immunology clinic. I think with it being the first clinic of the new year that many SCID families were scheduled for a clinic today. We did not have an official clinic appointment but we did talk to our immunologist to see if he had heard anything about our trip to Italy. He usually speaks with the Italian center once a month in regards to Parker so I was curious if he had heard anything. He had not. That said, he did tell me that if I wanted to email the Italian Center I could, which is exactly what I did. The vector is still in the testing phase, as it is taking longer than normal but should be good to go in a couple of weeks and when it is we will be contacted about defining a date for Italy. We felt good about that and are extremely dedicated and excited in taking part in the gene therapy study in Italy.

We did find out today that there is another family in Canada, in a different province that have a child with ADA deficient SCID and will most likely be taking part in a trial in the United States. I am not sure how old the child is or where they are from but I definitely wish them all the best with their treatment, as we know what they are going through.

Mommy is currently trying to put Parker down for bed as I write. He missed his nap today and as a result is quite tired. I am sure he will have a good sleep tonight.

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Natalie said...

Good Evening Parker Poo!

I hope that you get the news soon that you will be flying to Italy to get all better...I cannot wait to have you home again feeling like a superstar!

I hope that you have a nice long sleep this evening and that you are getting excited about your birthday that is coming soon! Maybe this evening will have fun dreams about turning one year old!

You are a wonderbar, superstar Parker Poo! I cannot wait to see you soon!

Love you lots and lots,
Auntie Natalie xoxox