Monday, February 05, 2007

Another family, I think.

I have finished my studying for the day and I do not have to start dinner for another hour and with Nana and Gaga (grand-dad) here I don't have to keep Parker occupied. With that, I have time to write the blog for the day.

I have recently found out about a couple of families going through simllar situations as us on the east coast. I have already spoken with one and am hoping that I get the chance to speak with the other. See, the second one apparently also has an ADA deficient child and is waiting to go to Italy. There may be the possibility that they will be arriving in Milan while we are still there. For that reason, as well as others I would love to speak with this family. I believe that they know of Parker and this website and have been given my email address if they would like to contact us. I hope they do.

Today, I decided to get Parker a treat. My wife's friend has a child who loves watermelon and is just a month older than Parker. When I was at Dominion today to get macaroni (for home made mac and cheese tonight) I saw mini-seedless watermelons. As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to get one for the little guy. I cut it up into a good size piece in hopes that Parker could hold it in two hands and take bites out of it. Apparently, Parker has a new favourite food. Chomp, chomp, chomp, he went. I thought I might be able to snap an image of Parker eating the watermelon but was only able to grab some pictures of the watermelons remains.

Parker has recently decided that he enjoys passing his toys back and forth with daddy. "Give the ball to daddy", I say. Parker looks at me, stretches out his arm with the ball and places it in my hand. "Parker want the ball?", I ask him. As I bring the ball to his hand he takes it from mine and smiles. The game is played for a few rounds and has even been played with his monkey and a face cloth. It is nice to see that Parker can play nice in between his temper tantrums.

I emailed the Italian doctor today in hopes that he could give us some information about lodging and a more concrete date so we may book plane tickets. They are six hours ahead of us and with it being 10pm in Italy now, I cannot see him responding to me today. Maybe tomorrow.

On Saturday, the Peterborough Examiner had another article about Parker on their front page. I know that many of you do not live in Peterborough and do not want to pay five dollars for the article online but it was a nice article. If anyone is interested in reading it and have a method of contacting me via email I will send you a copy to read.

We are still waiting for Parker to stand up and start walking but he is more interested in crawling or using his car to drive around everywhere. I guess he figures what is the point of walking when you are a fast crawler and no one can walk faster than he can drive!


coolauntiekatie said...

Hiya Parkerbear!!

Yummy!! Watermelon! That sounds like such a nice treat. (not to mention home-made mac and cheese) Don't worry about walking around yet. You're a Capricorn. And Capricorns are very efficient. If crawling gets you there in a worries about walking just yet. Jett says hello! I think he also just said walking's overrated...........nope it was just gas.

Love ya lots and lots,
Auntie Kate xo

Stacia said...

WATERMELON!??!?! Ummmm THAT is very exciting!!!
I hope you get your departure date soon for Italy and how great would it be if there were another family there at least part of the time you and mommy and daddy were there!!! VERY COOL!!!
Hey PArker - THANKS so much for all the comments you leave on MY BLOG... I LOVE READING THEM :)
You have a WONDERFUL day today :)
Stacy xoxoxo

Natalie said...

Hello My Little Parker Pants,

I agree with you sweetie...why bother walking when you can go cruising instead! Have fun learning to walk too little man! I am sure that you will be great at it!

I hope that you are enjoying some macaroni and cheese for dinner tonight! Are you aloud to eat that yet? I hope is one of my favourites!

Here's to dreaming about summer days eating watermelon and cruising on a sunny afternoon! Just joking sweetie pie...enjoy your winter too! Both seasons are lots of fun!

Auntie Natalie xoxox