Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sleeping in

Parker is currently down for his nap. He went down much earlier then he normally does but that is because he decided to wake up around five this morning. A little earlier than we have become accustomed to. Regardless, my wife was once again the hero as she got up with him and let me stay in bed until half past eight. I have been extra tired lately and I wanted to make sure that I did a little catch up today. Tomorrow I promise to let my wife sleep in.

Now, don't think that I don't normally let my wife sleep in once in a while because I do. Well, sort of. Parker and I just get so bored at 7:30 in the morning that we have to visit mommy once in a while. Yesterday, in an attempt to let her sleep in I got up at seven when Parker got up, gave him his bottle, changed quite the poopy diaper (Thanks to Mr. Stinkerbobinker) and proceeded to play with Parker for a while. Of course we did this in the room next to where my wife was trying to sleep with the door slightly open (my fault). Parker eventually made his way to the loft area outside all the bedrooms. He did eventually see that our bedroom door was open and began to make his way there. "No, baby Parker, No.", I said in a voice that was loud enough for mommy to think I was trying to be quiet but still loud enough for her to hear it. As we both got to the door, I peeked in to see her lying in bed with her eyes open. "Oh, you are awake.", I said Of course when baby Parker saw that, he went rushing in to his mommy. "But we get so lonely without you", I told her. Well, the story goes on from there. Mommy monkey got up so that the whole monkey family could spend the morning together.

I finally spoke with the other ADA family on Thursday evening. They seem very nice. After speaking with her I can say that things are done much differently at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto then they are out in Nova Scotia. With the amount of funds and resources that Sick Kid's has you would expect that, and I am very happy to have a center so close by like Sick Kid's. So those of you who donate to the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto you should be very happy.

I finally booked my exam date. I am writing it a week Monday in the morning. I do not enjoy the stress that comes with writing an exam but I feel very prepared for it, and with more than a week to go and two more mock exams I have at my disposal to prepare with I should do very well. I know that as soon as the first ten minutes pass after starting the actual exam I will be more relaxed. Stay tuned to see how I do. And stay tuned to daily articles again once the exam has been completed.

Parker has recently starting screaming for no apparent reason with that horrible high pitched voice. We are doing everything we can think of to squash this bad habit. He has yet to do it at the hospital while he is around other people so I have not had the deal with the embarrassment of having I shrieking child in public yet. Let's hope that it stops it before we have to deal with it. He was doing it a few weeks ago and then stopped for a while but for some reason has decided to take it up again in the past few days.

Well, my wife is taking a nap so I better try and get the images on the blog before Parker wakes up so I can let her sleep for a while. Enjoy your weekend.

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Natalie said...

Hello Parker Pants,

I hope that you are enjoying this sunny winter weekend! Please tell your Daddy that I know that he will do wonderfully on his exam! Give him lots of extra hugs and kisses Parker Poo!

I hope that your Mommy is getting a few naps in...I had a nap this weekend for the first time in a long time and it was absolutely lovely! I bet that you like your naps too!

Love you lots and lots Parker Pants,
Auntie Natalie xoxoxox