Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I promised.

See. I promised. Two articles in two days. To be honest, I actually miss studying. However, I did promise my wife that I would not pick up a computer book for a week, even for recreation. I have been caught a couple of times reading a book on EJBs but I put it back as soon as I was told.

We took our regular Tuesday trip to Sick Kids today for Parker's ADAGEN injection. Our immunologist came to see us today in clinic to give us some letters for Dr. Auiti and ourselves. We also discussed some recent discussions that he had with the Italian team about Parker. Everyone at Sick Kids is extremely happy with how well Parker is doing and if I may quote our immunologist, "Parker is the Poster Child for ADA Deficient SCID".

My wife and I, along with our families are getting quite anxious and just want to get Parker to Italy so that we may start the tests and then his actual treatment. Unfortunately, we will just have to wait until our flight leaves in the next couple of weeks.

My wife did speak with the health reporter from the Toronto Star and they will continue to cover our story. There will most likely be a story in the Star prior to our departure in addition to a couple while we are still in Italy. Of course, I will let everyone know when they may look for the stories in the Star. They are always very informative and we appreciate their efforts and work very much.

I had mentioned that yesterday Parker started using a sippy-cup for water. I thought that I would let him try using a cup for toddler that contained a straw. I did and Parker loved it. He enjoyed chewing on the straw and in between chews he would take a sip of the water. We are definitely quite pleased with his new found skill.

In the past couple of weeks, Parker has become interested in the blinds on the window adjacent to the television. He grabs at them and tries to rip them apart. Since this is not something we want, I decided to pull the blinds up, wash the window and sill with antibacterial soap and let him play at the window without having to worry about him wrecking the blinds or getting anything on his hands that may make him sick.

I apologize that there are no images for you to look at today but I promise to have some for tomorrow's article. And yes, there will be one.


coolauntiekatie said...

Hiya Parkerbear!!

First of all how cool are you that you have your own personal stylist coming to cut your hair!?!? nice. Secondly, CONGRATULATIONS Kevin!! Your Daddy's a pretty smart guy Parker. Anyway, Uncle Michael's been pretty sick the past few days and Jett and I are fighting to stay healthy. Having said that, we know the importance of you not being around 'sickies', so when Uncle Michael's feeling better, we would love to come and visit you!!! Also Jett would like to pass along how much he loooooooooooves the Backyardigans! He's not sure who his favourite character is yet, but we've had the show on for him a couple of times and he always dances along with.........okay well maybe not exactly dances, but certainly looks entertained.

We love you lots and lots!!
Auntie Kate, Uncle Michael and Jett

Natalie said...

Parker Pants,

Hello my little Monkey! What fun it must be for you to look outside as you are playing at the window. Each day you are learning more and more things! You are such a smart little guy!

I hope that this day brings you lots of smiles and happiness! Give your Mommy and Daddy a hug for me!

Auntie Natalie