Monday, February 19, 2007

Finally, We Know!

It has been quite the journey so far but we are ready to move to the next step in our battle. Around midnight in Milan yesterday confirmation was sent to us that we may book our tickets for Parker's treatment. Almost a month ago we were told it would be at the end of February that we would be traveling to Milan and that we should prepare to leave then. Last night confirmed that. We are currently waiting for Air Canada who has been generous enough to fly us to Milan with the help of Laftansa to work out the exact date for our departure.

Once we arrive in Milan and get settled I believe that Parker will take part in a battery of tests so that there is data to compare with once the procedure has been completed. I believe that this should take close to a month and for that reason I think Parker will remain on the enzyme replacement therapy until the tests have been completed.

We have currently contacted the Toronto Star and CityTV to inform them about our recent news. They have followed the story from the beginning and we wanted to make sure that they are up-to-date with Parker's progress. If I do hear anything from them in regards to either wanting to do a story I will definitely let people know when and where they can look for it.

Now that we know for sure that we are leaving and that it will be in the next couple of weeks we have a new set of stresses emerging. As always my wife is very vocal to me about them as I analyse them quietly within. I am sure that it is quite obvious to everyone what kinds of things we could possibly be worried about. Regardless, my wife and I are extremely happy to know that we will have the trip to Italy very shortly and that Parker's treatment has finally made it to the next stage.

As I find more information out I will definitely share it with everyone that populates this blog.


Stacia said...

I am SO happy that we finally have a date!!!
Your time in Italy will be here and gone before we can blink and I can't wait cause then I WILL GET TO GIVE PARKER A GREAT BIG HUG IN PERSON!!!
I know you have alot on your plates the upcoming weeks but it is all going to work out :)


Stacy and Brad

nonna said...

Hey Parker,

THANK YOU ITALY! Having said that....
This message is more for your Daddy and Mommy, but with you in mind always.
Kevin I can't begin to express how proud we are of you, you're not only a great Daddy, but you've always been the strong one thinking everything out,and if you don't understand something you always research until you do. Tracy you have always been very loving to our son and for that we thank you. Your love for Parker shows not only by the way you take great care of him but, by the way you have fought the battles that had to be fought, to keep him healthy. I also know how overwhelming these next two weeks will be for the both of you.
When we are with Parker we can see how he is surrounded with love and happiness, this alone will help him through your new advantures.
To the the three of you I give you all my strength.
Parker I wanted to let you know that your Daddy was and is a real fighter and I can see that you are the same.
Stay strong DesLauriers, there is a light at end of the tunnel.

Love you tons

Nonno & Nonna

Bree said...

FINALLY! I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS!!!! I just emailed Tracy the other day wondering when you would be jetting off - and now you know!! I AM SO EXCITED AND CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR FURTHER NEWS! CONGRATS!!


Nana said...

I know that this is the best news we could possibly have gotten. So why the tears? We will miss Parker, Tracy and Kevin so much that it hurts our very soul. But this is not about us. It is about our precious grandson who is facing the challenge of his young life and who is up for it and will return to us a new healthy and happy baby with his parents who can start living their life minus the horrors of the past year as they should have always been able to do. This will be the hardest time of our life but a small sacrifice to have our loved ones home safe and sound and able to participate in all the joys of being a "normal" and unrestricted family.

We love you all so much and know in our hearts all will turn out well and faith, prayers and love will turn this story into unspoken happiness for all.

Six months is like a small pebble of sand in a huge ocean.

All our love goes out to our strong and courageous Parker, Tracy and

Nana and Gaga

Uncle Mikey said...


Congradulations on your first steps to returning home to family and friends who miss you sooooo much.

Love you tons and tons,

Uncle Mikey, Auntie Christini and Jacob.

Kyle said...

Hey Parker!

This is just wonderful news! Congratulations Parker; we wish you all the best in Milan. You are always in our thoughts Mr. Monkey and we love you very much!

Kev, Tracy .. you guys are amazing people and parents. There is no doubt in our minds that you will rise to the challenge ahead and prevail just as you have already done thus far.

Love always & God bless.

Kyle & Josephine

Elizabeth said...

Yay, yay, yay!

I was so glad to hear the news from your Mommy this morning, Parker! Wow - you finally have a date! Now we can start looking forward to your return (your Mommy says in the early Fall) and we can all start looking forward to spending time with you - most importantly, finally getting to give you a hug. I know that Calder will be looking forward to a friend in you (because he will hear about you a lot from me!)


Auntie Christini said...

Dearest Parky,
When we heard the news on Sunday night, we were never happier. FINALLY! Now you can concentrate on getting better and stronger so that you can come back home to us and live a healthy life with all your family and friends...something that we have taken for granted.
Your mommy and daddy are extra strong and have been throughout this whole ordeal. We are so proud of you.
Love you lots and lots!!!!!!!!!
Auntie Christini xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

funnyface said...

This is the best news I have heard in a long time! When your daddy told me last night Parker I could hardly wait to get off the phone and tell our family.
Well Parker it will be so great to finally be able to have you play at our house with Elizabeth and Bear.
We will think of you guys everyday you are gone and praying for only the best.

So DesLauriers upon your return we will have the wine and beer cold with some of Uncle Craig's famour ribs on the bbq.
Can't wait will be so great to snuggle you, spoil you and slip you treats when your mom's not looking!

Laura, Craig and Elizabeth

Natalie said...

Parker Pants,

I am so happy that you found out your news! We are going to miss you all so much. But we do know that you will be back soon to let us all give you a great big hug and one million kisses. Tell your Mommy that I am going to miss her so very much but I know that you will take care of her Parker. Give her hugs and kisses every day and tell her that her friends and family love her more than words can say.

I love you Parker Pants,
Auntie Natalie xoxoxoxoxoxox

Barb said...

Stay strong Deslauriers family!!
Its wonderful news to finally hear. Congrats

coolauntiekatie said...

Hiya Parkerbear!!

This is such incredible news! It's what we've all hoped for. The faster you go, the faster you come and healthy! We love you lots and lots!

Auntie Kate, Uncle Michael and Jett!!

Franni said...

Hurray Parker!

Uncle Petee and I are so very excited for the great great news!
You are going to do amazing in Italy, surely surprising the Doctors over there with your strength and intelligence.
We will miss having you just around the corner, but cannot wait for your return when we can finally spend some quality time with you.
Kevin and Tracy, we will be thinking about you and how courageous you both have been through all of this.
Hurray again for the wonderful news!!
The boys are looking forward to playing with Parker when you return home.

Lots of love,

Auntie Franni, Uncle Pete, Patrick, Jonathan and William

Allyson said...

What super news-I am sooo excited that you are heading over the BIG POND to Italy! I can not wait to see all the updates and of course, for the day your return home! I am so thrilled for all of you!

Kari said...


This is the news that everyone has been waiting for. After all this time, there is a very bright light shining ahead of you guys.

I am sure that there were tons of tears shed as everyone read this posting, but rest assured they are not tears of sadness. We are all so very excited for the three of you as you start this new chapter of Parker's journey. As a great Canadian once sang, "A new day has come" for the three of you.

There will of course be much to do and organize in the next little while - just know that we all are thinking about you Parker, Kevin & Trace. Look out Italy - you haven't seen anything like this little family!!!!

With lots & lots of love,

Kari, Ryan, Sarah & Mackenzie