Thursday, February 08, 2007

Mr. Independent and the Monkey

I know that I have been neglecting the site the past month, only writing messages every two or three days and I apologise for that. I have been studying quite a bit lately for my SCWCD exam as I want to pass it with a high mark in the next week and a bit. I am currently reviewing and writing mock exams each day and as a result I have been using all of my computer time for that. I promise everyone that once I have this exam done I will once again write everyday.

With each day, we have noticed that it has become harder and harder to keep Parker from knocking the spoon out of our hand as we attempt to feed him. My wife and I recently started to draw straws to see who was the unlucky one that would be taking a shower after feeding Parker. Our son has always been a good eater except when he was ill at the start of all of this. Don't get us wrong, Parker still loves food when you get it into him. He does not make a funny face when you put something in his mouth, he does not spit it back out either. As a result, we have spent the past few days trying to figure out why he has been so difficult when it comes to eating.

My wife placed some Gerber puffs on his tray the other day while she was feeding. He devoured them faster than he normally does. So she placed some more on his tray and this time she brought the spoon to his mouth while he fed himself the Gerber puffs. It then dawned on us. Parker does not want our help. He wants to feed himself. Now, Parker has always had been able to feed himself cookies and small items that we place on his tray but recently he has mastered the skill. He will use the back of his hand to push the item back into his mouth while he picks up something else. If something falls out of his mouth he will catch it with his free hand. Transferring small items from one hand to the other is easy for him. Parker has gotten extremely good using his fingers and hands to feed himself small items. Yesterday, with daddy's help he demolished a jar of green beans. It is much easier to feed Parker while he is preoccupied with feeding himself. I am sure there are at least a few of you who are thinking, why not just put his meal in front of him and let him go at it. What he eats, he eats, what he doesn't, he doesn't. My answer is, I don't think so. We want to make sure Parker has all of the nutrients he needs going into Gene Therapy and my feeding him we can make sure of it. Parker is not very good at using his spoon yet and the last thing we want is to watch Parker make a massive mess and waste his pablum and whatever else he is getting with a spoon that meal. So, little Mr. Independent has arrived and here to stay.

Now, how can anyone be a superhero (Mr. Independent) without a sidekick. Well, that is where the Monkey comes into play. Recently, Parker has decided that after interviewing for superhero sidekicks that he would offer Monkey the job. Many of you may be wondering what a baby superhero sidekick has to be able to do. Well, if you don't mind be dragged everywhere, being whacked or rubbed against the floor, sleeping on the floor in an empty room and having your head gnawed on then I suggest you sign up today at

Mr. Independent is still not very interested in walking. I have decided that Parker is one of those people that wants to be an expert at something before they move to the step. I know I am Parker's dad and I am a little biased but Parker is extremely good at everything he does. I had read on the Internet the other day that some toddlers take more time to start walking. Ones that have a more relaxed temperament generally are no in any hurry to get through the developmental stages in record pace. They are more interested in mastering each one before moving on to the next. To be honest, that seems like Parker. Parker can stand by himself, he even took a step with me holding him but he is not very interested in walking yet. He even runs when I hold his hands and walk backwards quickly. We know that he can do it. When he does move on to walking I am sure he will be running very quickly afterwards. Monkey better
get ready for some knew responsibilities once Mr. Independent begins to walk. A baby superhero's sidekick job is an forever changing one.


Stacia said...

GOOD MORNING Mr. Parker!!!
I love the pics in todays blog!!!
No worries about the whole walking thing...
It's probably over rated anyway LOL
I hope you have a wonderful day today :)

Natalie said...

Hello My Little Monkey Pants,

I saw how much you loved your monkey the last time I saw you! I love monkies too! That is why I sometimes call you my little Monkey Man!

I hope that you eat lots and lots today Parker Pants! Food is sooooo yummy...enjoy it all!

Auntie Natalie xoxox

Uncle Mikey said...

Hey Parker, (aka super parker)

Tell your daddy that superheros don't walk, they fly!!

Make sure you eat all your fruits and veggies so you can have lots of energy to fight the bad guys. Maybe give your sidekick some food too, when mommy and daddy aren't looking.

Love you tons and tons,

Uncle Mikey

nonna said...

Hey Parker,

I know what goes on with your super hero when everyone is asleep, all the great adventures you both have. So make sure you eat all your food so that you have the strength for both you and your superhero friend.
Looking forward to seeing you.

Stay strong big guy!

Love you tons

Nonna & Nonno