Monday, February 12, 2007

One, Two, Three...

Parker's mom is upstairs giving him a bath at the moment. I gave Parker his bath yesterday and taught him how much fun splashing in the tub can be. By the end of his bath Parker and I were completely soaked. He really enjoyed the sound that came from his hands hitting the water. Splash, splash, splash, he went. With each blast came a fountain of water into the air. First hitting Parker, then daddy. I hope he is taking it easy on mommy right now as I am not sure if she is prepared for the onslaught of water that is going to come her way.

I know that I had recently mentioned that Parker did not seem too interested in walking; however, I can see that this accomplishment is only a short time away. Parker stands in the middle of the room without support as he turns his body around quite regularly. When he holds his daddy's hand while standing he has no problem knowing what to do with his feet. My goal for Parker was to have him walking before we leave for Italy, and I am sure he will accomplish that.

I know that many people are wondering when we are leaving for Italy, but we are still waiting for a concrete date. As of the past week and a half we have only known that we should be ready to leave for the end of February. This has really been having its tole on my wife. She has a lot on her mind and really wants to know when we are leaving for Italy. I am much better at handling the stresses of Parker and his disease but my wife finds it very difficult as she is an anxious person to begin with. Dad's and mom's are affected very differently when they go through something like this. I think it has something to do with the having the baby in their tummy for so long.

She has been absolutely amazing with everything that she does around the house and with Parker since he has come home. She pretty much single-handedly is responsible for keeping our home germ free. I have spent quite a bit of time studying for my SCWCD exam that I have not been of much help around the house (except for cooking and playing with Parker). In addition, she has not given me any grief about the time I have spent at the computer and with my nose buried in my notes. She has supported me one hundred percent. For that I am very thankful. So, let's have everyone put a Whoa, mommy! in their comment today. So, everybody...One, Two, Three....Whoa Mommy!


coolauntiekatie said...

Hiya Parkerpants!! (and Trace)

Parker I hope you give your mom some extra big snuggles today. I too am a very anxious person, and this unknown 'exact date' thing would drive me absolutely INSANE! It's amazing what a rock you are Trace. Just hang on a little longer (before cracking), I truly believe that in the next week or so you'll have your date. And then sooner than you know it, you'll be boarding a plane, taking that final step in Parker's recovery. We're thinking of you always.

Lots of love,
Auntie Kate, Uncle Michael & Jett

nonna said...

Hey Parker, Mommy and Daddy

I really believe you will hear something this week. I know how stressful this has been for you both, more so for Tracy.
Parker you better have your monkey and blanket packed and ready to go.
Stay strong big guy, your journey is about to begin.
Did I tell you how comfortable you looked lying there with your Mommy.

love you tons

Nonno & Nonna

Natalie said...

Parker Pants,

Hello my little monkey. You and your Mommy looked so peaceful lying on the couch together...what a lovely photo.

I am sending good thoughts and positive wishes your way that you will know sooner than soon your date to go to Italy. Parker your Mommy is so dedicated to you and so amazing and I want her to feel at ease and have many more relaxing moments snuggling with you...therefore I can't wait to know that you are are your return flight from Italy all healthy and happy.

Tracy...each day I marvel at how you do it. Everytime I see you with Parker I think that you are such a amazing, dedicated, and giving mother. You may worry but you are always strong for Parker...

Let's all say it together...this week is the week that you will find out your date to go to Italy...there is strength in numbers...let's say it again....this is the week.

With much love,
Natalie xoxox

Stacia said...

One, Two, Three....Whoa Mommy!
Parker - Hi cutie!!!
I love bathtime too!!! Only I get in trouble if I get too much water outa the tub!!! ahahah
I hope you are having a great week!!!

Uncle Mikey said...

Hey Parker,

We too hope this is the week!! You are sooooo precious to all of us and we want you better ASAP cause we have 13 months of hugs and kisses we have to catch up on already!! Take care big guy.

Love you tons and tons,

Uncle Mikey, Auntie Christini and Jacob.

Elizabeth said...

Whoa Mommy!

Well I have just over the past 5 months learned how difficult it is to raise a child - but of course, very rewarding. But that is without the added stress that you both have to go through every day in making sure that Parker stays strong and healthy. Kudos to you, are doing a great job, never forget that.

Love Elizabeth