Monday, February 26, 2007

Parker Uses Sippy-Cup and Dad Passes Exam

I know that it has been quite a few days since I posted an article on the blog and I apologise for that. I had mentioned that my studying had consumed most of my free time and that as soon as I had written my exam I would once again post articles regularly. Well. I am done my exam. I wrote it this morning and scored 92.7% on it. With that I now have my Sun Certified Web Component Developer certification. What does that mean? That I can code Java for web container.

I have been studying for this exam for quite some time and I have to thank My wife so much for letting me study instead of clean or give her a break from her grueling day. I am not sure who is more happy that I have completed this exam, my wife or myself. Regardless, it is done and I can take a break from studying for a few weeks.

Enough about me. We are still waiting to hear back from Air Canada so that we may know which day we are flying out of Toronto. They have been extremely accommodating toward us and we are so very thankful for everything they have done for us. The date is narrowed down to a couple of adjacent days so we have a very good idea of when we will finally be in Italy.

As for Parker, he finally started using a sippy-cup yesterday. He usually gets a regular cup of water during his meals that he uses with help from dad or mom so that he does not spill its contents everywhere. Yesterday, while he was using it I could hear him making a sucking noise as he tried to get the water that had not yet reached his lips. It was then that I realised that he would probably be successful at sucking on the sippy-cup to get the water to come out. So, with that, I grabbed a toddler sippy-cup (it had no handles), poured water into it, placed the lid on the cup and gave it to Parker. Instantly, Parker took the cup to his lips and sucked on the end piece as he tilted it toward him. It worked. Parker had water in his mouth. He has not used it today but I think I will give him another try at it once he wakes up from his nap.

We have started giving Parker more meat lately since we were told by his dietician that he he needs meat to supply him with iron. Of course when we got home and looked at the labels of all the different foods that he eats we noticed that many of them had iron in them. His pablum is fortified with 100% of the iron that he needs so when we saw that we were not nearly as stressed as we were when we thought the only method for obtaining iron is red meat. Although we still make sure to give him some meat each day. For the very least I want him to get used to the texture.

I am not sure how many of follow Parker's growth on the right sidebar but we got updated numbers on Friday and Parker is now between the 85th and 90th percentiles for all three categories, weight, length and head circumference. We were told that most ADA deficient SCIDs are usually a little shorter than other children their age. I guess the PEG-ADA is doing its job at removing those toxins.

I suggest that everyone come back tomorrow read about the little monkey. Now that I am done my studying you can expect their to be regular postings.


nonna said...

Hey Parker,

A BIG CONGRATULATION to your Daddy for doing so well, and a BIG THANK YOU to your Mommy for carrying alot of the load while your Daddy studied.
Parker you look so cute in your pictures and its nice to see your drinking all by yourselve.

Stay strong big guy!

love you tons

Nonna & Nonno

Natalie said...

Parker Pants,

Wow...what a cutie you are! And you are looking so grown up! I love your little camoflage outfit!

Please say congratulations to your Daddy to me! Way to go Kevin!

Enjoy your extra time playing with your Daddy now Parker Poo!

Love you lots and lots,
Auntie Natalie xoxoxox

Nana said...

Congratulations to your Daddy for a job well done attaining his goal of more than 90% in his exam. It took a lot of studying but it obviously was well worth it - just look at the result.

You do look great in all of the pictures and it will be hard to decide which one to put on as our screen saver.

Have an extra good day - we love you lots and lots.

Nana and Gaga

Elizabeth said...

CoNgRaTs, BoYs!!!!

Well the men of the household got this week off with a BANG!

Congrats, Kevin - for not only passing your exam but doing it with flying colours. :)

Congratulations, Parker - for using a sippy cup! Way to go!

Love Elizabeth

funnyface said...

Congratulations Kevin on your exam!

Parker, way to go on the sippy are so independent now...what a big boy you have become!

Love you tons!

Laura, Craig and Elizabeth

Stacia said...

Hiya parker...Have I told you how hansome you look lately?!?!? WOW...You're drinking froma sippy cup - thats so "big boy" of you...yay!!!
Big hugs for your daddy ok - GOOD JOB WITH THE EXAM :)
Have a GREAT week "D" family xoxoxox