Sunday, November 19, 2006

Christmas in November

I finished the Christmas Tree on the main floor a couple of days ago and my wife decorated it, so I figured I would continue with the Christmas theme and put my lights up outside. I figured that it would not take too long, then once I started I realised what I was like and decided to forfeit the rest of the day to finish them.

White lights with some garland, simple, but elegant. Of course, I had extra bulbs at the end of each string of lights I used so I removed the extra bulbs, tied up the extra cable and placed it in a ziplock bag so that the extra portion could be contained, hidden and free of snow and water. It is a little chilly tonight so I think I will pass on letting Parker see them until we have an evening where the climate is less formidable. It is nice to finally be able to put up all of the decorations that we bought for the house a couple of years ago.

My wife had her flu shot a week ago. I do not normally get flu shots for a couple reasons. The first, I hate needles and my pain threshold is quite low, but secondly I believe the best way to keep from getting sick is to stay away from sick people and regularly sanitize your hands. Two things that I always do. That said, I did ask the nurse that gives Parker his ADAGEN injection and she suggested that I get the flu shot. For that reason, and that reason only I have an appointment to get my flu shot on December 2nd.

Parker has continued to get faster and faster at crawling. He has become quite interested with his toy box in his room and except when he gets side-tracked as he attempts to gnaw on the top of it, he is very good at getting into his standing position. I figure that the best thing to do right now is to give him as many opportunities to work on that. Once he has mastered that, I am sure he will want to start cruising. Not, sure what he will cruise on, but again we will find something.

As most of you know, I spend quite a bit of time reading and studying computer programming. I have been studying to pass the Sun Certified Web Components Developer Exam for some time now, and plan on writing it after Christmas but before the new year. I say this because Parker is quite interested in the book that I am using to study for the exam. He enjoys it so much that I am quite worried that he is going to rip a few pages out of it. I guess that is what tape is for.

I had mentioned previously that Parker has a puzzle with shapes that he enjoys playing with. The puzzle is made of wood and has coloured paper glued to the pieces indicated what shape the piece is. The problem, although it occurs less frequently, is that Parker enjoys putting the pieces in his mouth. For that reason, we are currently looking for a similar puzzle with large pieces that is made of plastic for him. If anyone knows of one, please feel free to let me know how I can obtain one.

I have taken a break from cooking this evening. Parker's Nanna is making a stuffed capon (chicken) for dinner. I am really looking forward to it as nothing beats a home cooked meal that is cooked by someone else after you have been working all day.


Uncle Mikey said...

Dear Parky,
Wow, you're so lucky to have a big and beautiful Xmas tree to look at everyday! We love it! We also can't believe how big you are getting...standing up now! Before you know it, you'll be walking and running everywhere!
I'm sure you can't wait til Xmas either...all the wonderful presents you'll be receiving. What fun it'll be for you to open them all!
Love and miss you lots,
Auntie Christini and Uncle Mikey xo

Natalie said...

Hello My Little Friend,

I love the picture of you taking a big bite out of something green! What a sweety-pie you are! I bet that you are so excited to see your Christmas tree so shiny and bright! I think that Christmas is the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR! Ask your Mommy and Daddy to sing that song to you - I think that you will love it!

Love you lots and lots Parker Poo!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Parker!

Wow, it sounds as though you are really starting to get the hang of crawling! I'm not there yet, but one day when you and I are both walking and running we'll go to the park together!

Your tree is really beautiful - you're going to have a great first Christmas!

Love Calder!
(and his mom)

Allyson said...

Wow-xmas has come to your house early. I can't show Beck any of these pictures or he will get jealous! I wonder what Santa will bring you Parker-you have been such a good boy this year! Enjoy the tree-Allyson