Monday, November 13, 2006

Warm Sleepers = Better Sleepers

It is quarter after six and Parker will be going down for bed in the next fifteen minutes. My wife will grab the nine ounce bottle and Parker and his mommy will head upstairs. I have decided to continue talking about Parker's nighttime antics because yesterday I mentioned that Parker was being a little monkey during the night. After hearing Parker through the monitor on Saturday evening we got up to see him as usual. As always, he saw us sneak into his room and as a result would refuse to go to back to bed. We proceeded to pick him up after he saw us and give him a bottle after changing him so that he would go back to sleep.

The primary reason for going into his room was to make sure that Parker is covered. Parker is not a big fan of having a blanket on him when he sleeps (I think it is an inherited trait). As a result, he constantly kicks off his blanket. For the past couple of months we have monitored the temperature and humidity in Parker's room. The humidity is always in the mid 40s and the temperature is always 73 degrees Fahrenheit +/- 1 degree. It does not matter what it is like outside, we have been able to control the climate in his room. Regardless, we still want to make sure he is warm while he sleeps.

We were thinking that we would just buy him warmer sleepers. I have heard from others that confirmed this was a good idea. That way when he kicks his blankets off, and crawls on top of them, we can sleep knowing that he is not only comfortable but also warm. Last night, we tried it out. Parker once again got up on a couple of occasions throughout the night, played in his crib for twenty minutes or so, and then plunked himself back down and went to sleep. Yes, we did go in to check on him, but we did it when it was quiet and we were sure he was sleeping. That way, we could ensure he would not see us and he would not get all excited. Parker made it through the night without needing a bottle or a diaper change last night.

I apologise that there have not been alot of pictures the past few days. I will make sure to rectify that tomorrow.

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Natalie said...

Parker Poo,

I am so glad that you are having a warm and restful sleep! What a good idea to keep your toesies warm! I hope that you sleep well tonight too!

It is report card time in the land of teacher-ville. I bet that your future report cards will be full of great comments about what a super, amazing, caring boy you are...and oh so smart! I just know it!

Sleep well little will be in our thoughts!

Lots of love,
Auntie Natalie & Uncle David xoxox